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Now Maintaining :)
Nothing they give us should affect our weight loss. We pay enough for the products. If it does affect weight loss then exactly what do they expect us to eat during the day?
I've not read or heard about the bars slowing down weight loss, I thought they just effected some people's, erm, lets say toilet habits.

The porridge certainly doesn't affect my losses and I usually have one every day. I have the original porridge and add a bit of cinnamon. :)
How do you guys make the porridge?
I found putting all the water in wasn't the best way. So this is how I do it:

Put the contents of the sachet into the bowl. Pour just over half of the water in and mix. Add the rest of the water and mix. Microwave on full power (900w) for 40 seconds, stop and stir, then for the remaining 20 seconds.
Sorry to say this but half a bar makes it yummy, but I used a whole bar ealier and it was scrum-diddly-umptious!! :eek:

Warmed me up on this cold evening and also helped me get 2 meals down, as I was 1 behind. It needs some extra water though.


Now Maintaining :)
I've just tried the porridge (original flavour) and I don't like it! It tastes so bland. I couldn't even finish it. :(
I've just tried the porridge (original flavour) and I don't like it! It tastes so bland. I couldn't even finish it. :(
I thought it was good for a diet product, but after trying the apple and cinnamon I now have the original and add my own cinnamon. It does improve it so might be worth you trying it, but if you don't like it as it is, then it may not improve it enough.
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You're not supposed to have the bars in the first few weeks because they have more carbs in which makes it harder to get into ketosis (well, I think that's the reason!).

The porridge is fine to have whenever :) Checked with my CDC this morning myself just to be sure as i'm hankering for some!!!
I tried the apple and cinammon porridge today and hated it. It was bland and taste-less?
I put just under 140ml of hot water in. Microwaved it for 40 seconds, took it out and stirred it then microwaved it again for 10 seconds. My microwave is 850wt.
It felt dry and sticky. Am I doing something wrong?

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