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Portion & Food Advice Please?


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Hi All, I will be starting Week 2 of RTM tomorrow, but wanted to check a few things with all you experienced RTM people!

Is it ok to have for instance Tofu and a few Tablespoons of Cottage Cheese with the Salad Leaves and chopped celery, and other salads for instance?

Also whats the best Fat Free Salad Dressing out there? I am currently using Tesco's Healthy living Oil Free French Dressing (which is 5Cal per Tablespoon).

How much Leaf salad can one have, 1 whole big packet of mine is only 24cals! I am having 1/4 at a time!

Please can you advice, my LLC isn't really helpful at all and is about to finish LL, so I am really doing this on my own (same as the last 7 months on LL).
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Deb G

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I couldn't find a decent FF dressing, but I have started using the Schwartz Salad Seasoning (basically herbs) and put that one for flavour - the use of the cottage cheese will stop the salad feeling dry.

I've always mixed cottage cheese with Quorn (or Tofu) for my salads. Its fine to do this, as long as you're not putting a whole portion of C/Cheese AND a whole portion of Tofu as that would be 2 protein portions, when you're only having one.

I tended to put half a pack of quorn fajita strips (about 80 cals) on with half a small tub of cottage cheese (about 80cals).

You can basically have as much salad as you want - as long as you are not stuffing yourself and feeling overly full after. I bought smaller plates when I started RTM, and I have a good portion of salad covered in C/Cheese and Quorn and it looks huge! But if I start feeling full, I just stop - then next day I make a smaller portion.


Happily pro pointing!
As long as it is fat free, I would go for one you like the taste of.
Try some of the LL recipes too.
Do check the labels though, as some fat free dressings have a lot of sugar in.
I think the kraft balsamic and italian are good.

Deb G

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No worries....nice to have a fellow veggie to spa with!


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Deb, im not actually a veggy! Due to an Indian (Hindu) religious week, I am unable to eat any meat for 8 days, (so I cna from next Monday). I am unable to eat Quorn as that contains Egg and Egg is classed as meat in this case. Thats why I am only limited to Cottage Cheese and Tofu.

One question, from tomorrow (Week 2), I can eat peppers and Cauliflower etc, can i cook them- Fried (without oil) and mixed with spices, or do I have to eat it raw?

Deb G

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I think (haven't got book with me) that you can't cook any veggies until week 4 - because cooking changes the GI of the veggies.

Re your current circumstances....tofu is a great choice, a real superfood, whether veggie or not!!


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Thank you, will bare that in mind!

1 more quick question, so is it ok to have Tofu mixed with Cumeric, Garam Masala, Green Chillis and Ginger & Garlic paste, fry it (on it's own) and eat with the salad leaves?


Happily pro pointing!
yes, all herbs and spices are fine. Just check any mixed ones have no added sugar, same with pastes, they are sometimes mixed with oil. Garlic puree is often mixed with veg oil and I know some others are too.

I should have thought, it is very tricky without the book and most of what I scanned for you didn't come out well with the white writing on black.
Have you tried HQ to see if they can send you an RTM book? It would really make your life easier I am sure.
Hi Alex, i called HQ and they said that only my LLC can provide me with it, however she is due to stop totally soon and won't be ordering anymore books (cos she has to apparently purcahse them in packs of 10). If i mention this to HQ, then i think she will get in trouble and i will feel bad doing that!

I feel trapped, i am going to mention to her again!


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Slimss - although not on RtM yet - I just love reading these posts.

But have to say the way you are being treated by your LLC is disgusting - she has had no problem taking £66 from you each week for the past 7 months, but the service she has provided you is appaling - personally I would go back to LL HQ and tell them that she won't give you the book as he doesn't want to pay for 10 books because she is giving it up. In the grand scheme of things, what exactly do you have to lose? On the plus side, you will have all the resources that you need to ensure a successful RtM.
Slims, I agree with Corey - that is bang out of order. You need that book - goodness, that is essential!

Stand up for yourself girl - call HQ and explain the situation......you are entitiled to that book. No ifs ands or buts!!!!

I would also let HQ know you have been doing this unsipported for 7 weeks. Sod if the LLC gets in trouble - which I doubt she would - you were paying for a service that has not been procided for you!!!

Good luck hon!!

Thanks Guys! I will think about it, when i speak to her tonight on the phone, will ask her once again if she can provide me with the resources, if not then i may consider contact HQ! Just don't want to get anyone in to trouble, i know i would be giving the same advice to others, so i am a hypocrite!

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