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Portion Plates & Food Diaries


Has anyone bought a portion plate before? You know, the plate that has divided sections for vegetables, protein and starch. Was it useful to have, and did it help you lose weight? Also, why are they so expensive?! Anyone know of a cheaper alternative?

How useful are food diaries? Is it better to write in them as you go, or to fill them in at the end of the day?

Thanks for any help you can give! Laura
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Hi Laura,

Sorry, not had a portion plate but do count my food intake each day mainly to count calories and to make sure I'm getting the right mix of food. Also so I can save my calories throughout the day to have a snack in the evening!


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I keep a food diary as I've found it useful to look back and see exactly what I've been eating :) I usually fill it in about dinner time as that helps me put an end to my eating apart from an apple or a few satsumas!
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I keep a food diary, and I think one of the keys to it is to write in it just before you actually put anything in your mouth. Gives you a bit of time to think about what you're doing. Also, if you wait till the end of the day, you forget about the little things you cram in your mouth that seem insignificant at the time that end up being the very things that are piling on the weight. Like the biscuit you munch on while fixing dinner, etc.
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I keep a diary, always very useful so I know exactly what I've eaten and how many calories. I keep a pad in the cupboard in the kitchen and note down everything during the day, then in the eves I put it all on my online food diary on fitday.

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