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Positive interview vibes - Complete change of plan!

Hi Sparkle

I wish you every luck in the world for your interview this afternoon and I'm sure everything will work out well.

Think of it like a weigh in.......you are nervous as hell before it happens and then when it is over and done with you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Make sure you update us with how you have got on and again before you go GOOD LUCK! (I'm sure you wont be needing it though)

xx :hug99:
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Good luck Sparkle! I'm sure you'll be fine :)

Doesn't seem five minutes since I was filling out forms / writing my personal statement etc for University .... now I'm coming up to the end of my first year.

Make sure you let us know how it goes ... got my fingers crossed for you :)

What course are you going to be doing by the way?
Thanks girls!

Russiandoll - I'm applying for an Oceanography degree, the interview today is at a college because it's for the Foundation Year (I don't have any A Levels).
All the best Sparkle - sending tons of positive vibes your way :vibes: Knock 'em dead girl :)
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Thanks girls!

Russiandoll - I'm applying for an Oceanography degree, the interview today is at a college because it's for the Foundation Year (I don't have any A Levels).
Oceanography? Wow - how unusual!!

I did six subjects on a one year access course at college(equivelent to 4 A levels & 2 GCSEs) the year before I went to Uni ... the time really does fly by - you're kept so busy and taking in so much new info that the weeks just melt away.

I'm really excited for you!


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Just for you Sparkle.....knock em dead girl.......

:vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes:


Is it nearly October yet?
Good luck,,,, *sends positive vibes* wwwooooooo xxx
Ooh, good luck! Did you say your interview's at Eastleigh College?! I'll be driving by there this afternoon (I live 10 minutes away and my parents live off the same main road) so I'll throw you some good luck as I'm passing! ;o)


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Good luck Sparkle, am sure you will be fine. Got fingers, paws, toes all crossed for you. :wavey: :)
Hi everyone!

Well I went for the interview - It was a complete nightmare getting there! I was sitting on the train in Southampton Central for half an hour waiting for the driver to turn up! Apparently he had been travelling to the station via another line which was held up due to someone being off sick or something. I don't know.

Anyway, I thought I was running late so walked as fast as I could to get there (my poor feet are killing me) and got there just on time, only to be told she was running 10 - 15 minutes late - which in reality was actually 25 minutes!

Had the interview, did the tests, and to be honest I don't think it's for me! :eek:

I'm so confused when it comes to finding a career I want. Anyway, I was talking to a friend/colleague of mine who was on a 'motivational' course today, and one of the things they were told to do was to write out all your dreams and goals on a bit of paper (which I've already done - How Big is Your Map? although the website isn't up at the minute bookmark it, and if you can order the book - it's fantastic!). One thing I've realised is that all of my dreams and goals - have nothing to do with a job!

So maybe I'm not meant to have a job that is my life! Maybe I'm not meant to live to work - maybe I'm just meant to have a job that I can do to the best of my ability and earn enough money so I can go out and acheive my goals!?

I don't know - anyway I'm taking a step back.

Our landlord (well the guy that runs the letting agency) popped round today and was apparently singing my praises about my work. You see he works with my old boss, and apparently he really wishes that he had never had to let me go because I'm so good! On top of that, the last two days I've been training up someone from the mainland - they didn't even send her to our head office where they do all the training, just sent her to me!! And apparently I'm going to be going to her branch in a week or so to help organise it! That's how good I am - and I'm not even giving 100%, not even close!

So I've decided that tomorrow, and for the next two weeks I'm going to put 100% into my job - see if I enjoy it then a bit more! But at the same time, I'm going to make a real effort to achieve my goals and dreams.

Dear me... I change my mind as often as I change my underwear - I hope you can all keep up!!! lol :D
Hey its our perogative to change our minds ;)

Im so glad things went well for you - its lovely to get a compliment like that at work too. Just goes to show how blooming good you are at what you do even if it is torture ;)

Theres nothing wrong with taking a step back - dont rush into anything you have all the time in the world to decide.

Its SO good hearing you sound so happy *HUGS*

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