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Possible Newbie... A few questions!


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I have been following Slimming World for a looong time and I have basically become very bored with the plan and not giving it 100% ... I have put back on 2stone of the 4stone I lost.

I was wondering if you guys think WW will work for me... I would like to lose 2 stone.

I currently weigh 10stone 12lbs (when starting SW I was 12stone 12lbs) and would like to get back to 8stone 10lbs.

Do you think that its possible on WW?
Also I am a vegi- is the plan good for vegi's?

There is a class on a Wednesday night about 5 mins down the road... I'm very tempted!!!

I would like to lose this excess weight asap!!!

Thank-you for any help. :wave_cry:
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Im sure 99.9% of veg is free and the meat substitutes are low in points anyway.

all you can do is give it a try, it may work it may not. What it will do is take you a while to get into the swing of the system after being on SW and losing that much weight. But its do-able! :cool:


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i think it will work :) providing you get stuck in with it and have a few of the essential tools ie the calculator and eating out guide. like the above poster said quorn and such things are very low in points, im not a vegi but i eat alot of quorn purely for the fact its low in points and keeps the hungry at bay :)


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...Well I joined tonight.
Weighed in at 10stone 12lbs
So 2stone 2lbs to lose to get to my final goal.
My points allowance is 19.

I'm trying to plan a few meals in advance... Looking at some of the WW pizzas and pasta ready meals. These seem like something to try while i'm still getting my head around the plan. :)
Hi! Well done for joining, weightwatchers is very easy to do so i see no reason why you shouldnt be able to loose 2 stone! we started about the same weight and are about the same weight now and i am also on 19 so any questions etc feel free to ask. it also helps to look in the food diaries and the weight loss diarys for ideas for meals etc.
You can eat anything you want so its easy as long as you point it!
I also eat some meatfree thing because they are low in points, quorn is really low! As are the shops ownbrand versions, cheese is obvioulsy high unfortunately but non-starchy vegetables(everything but peas,parsnip,sweetcorn,potato) are free. And those are low in points anyway.
Good luck!
Its 0 for one spray, if you use like 30 sprays is 0.5 but i always just count it as free no matter how much i use.
well done on your great loss so far:D

I am new to ww and am finding it great! Having followed sw a long time ago, I am def finding I am not piling my plate with green days! I do eat meat, but love quorn !

Good luck on your journey
what did you have for lunch that was so filling? :)

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