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+*+* POST your food pics for meal ideas +*+*+*


cooked chicken breast, cubed
various roasting veg (incl some whole garlic cloves)
tin of tomatoes with herbs
pack of Morrison's Instant Cheese sauce (38g pack - 5 syns)
cheddar cheese
6-7 lasagne sheets

1) Roast the veg for 20 mins (I used courgette, red onion, cherry toms, red pepper, orange pepper and mushrooms drizzles with balsamic vinegar)
2) Put the chicken and tinned tomatoes in a bowl and microwave until warmed through
3) Parboil lasagne sheets for 4-5 mins
4) Make up the cheese sauce as per instructions on pack

Spray a lasagne dish with Frylight. Squeeze the roasted garlic into the the chicken/tomato mixture and mix. Spoon into bottom of dish. Top with 3 lasagne sheets. Spoon all of the roasted veg over the lasagne and top with the remaining sheets. Pour the cheese sauce over the top and sprinkle with cheese. Bake until golden brown on top. Serve with salad, if desired.

Using the chicken and cheese as HEXs the dish is only 5 syns for the lot!
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My dinner last night...(pics)

I made my garlic chicken & roast vegetable lasagne last night and it was soooo good! Recipe is on page 8 of the recipe thread. This time I used half cheddar and half parmesan - yum!!! Worked out to be 1/2 HEX A and 1/2 HEX B, and 1.5 syns as it was too much for me to eat half of the whole lasagne!


That looks so delicious!!!
Have emailed it to the SW website as a recipe submission. We'll see if it gets put on the website or not! Prob not as I'm sure they already have a load of lasagne recipes.

This is the best one I've tried as it uses 'proper' cheese sauce rather than Quark!


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All these are completely free on Green :D

Post your pics so i can nick some ideas!

Big grill up


And curry rice and chips

oo what a great idea!!! i havent got any pics of my dinner but i will start!! hehe x
did this work - my dinner, 3 syns :)


Oooh that looks nice! What are the little things next to the brocolli? *hungry!* :)
Quorn nuggets 1/2 syn each and on special (16 for £1 in tesco) - and they are lovley. The red thing is tinned plum tomatoes as don't like ketchup and dry with no sauce ;)


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Great thread, I'm going to start taking some pictures of my meals! Can we have more of a description of what's on the plates please, for instance what are the rectangles on the breakfast plate?


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Great thread, I'm going to start taking some pictures of my meals! Can we have more of a description of what's on the plates please, for instance what are the rectangles on the breakfast plate?
good idea... it's quorn bacn slices :)


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This is a slimming world brunch quiche made with onion, mushroom, cottage cheese with herbs, eggs and tomato and the bit with tomatoes has 28g cheddar (the other 1/3 is for the kids and wil be served with cucmber sticks and cheese cubes)


PS Completely free on both plans but 1 HEA



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natalie i love your spotty plates lol
do you put anything underneath the quiche to firm it up a bit? because mine just broke up
No - i use a recipe from the recipe board:

Preheat Oven

Break 4 eggs and whisk in
250g cottage cheese

Add cooked other ingredients

Put in bowl - top with tomato

Cook 30mins at 200 (after 20mins add the HEA cheese)

The egg kind of binds it together but it should be firm - that is why i asked if your pic was before it was cooked......... Did you use eggs?? And if you mix the herbs in at the stage you whisk the eggs and cheese together YUM

With regards my crockery lol - i have the whole set in pink - side plates, cups etc. I like good presentation or i don't eat it lol. I end up eating crisps and ready meals out the pot lol


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hahaha... well that's where I was going wrong then.. I wasn't mixing the cottage cheese with the eggs, just putting it on top.
I am going to try again now... hopefully have a good pic to post in an hour or so lol wish me luck!
oh and i was only using 2 eggs...... but thats because I used a small dish.
Will try now!


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it's in the oven now.. missing cheese and tomatoes! i have put chopped cherry tomatoes in but i don't have any large tomatoes as i don't like them... so it just looks like a messy omelette now..... but suppose it'd go nice with beans n chips! not having chips with it though as i'm having those tonight with my curry!
Have chips with both lol - that is the beauty of slimming world! I love it. Weigh day in 1 day arghhhhhhhh lol.

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