Pound a week goal/target ??


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Hi Everyone

I'm really envious of everyone who sets themselves a target and then hits it..... but whenever I set myself a target of blah blah amount by Christmas/birthday/valentines day etc etc, I feel it really puts the pressure on and I end up going to pot ! Even though the goals I set are very achievable.

I managed to lose 11lb last year all in all, which is great and I'm so glad that I've emerged with a loss but deep down I know I could do better. To be honest I think its the intermediate targets of lose blah blah by certain date that have dented my loss for the year !

Is anyone else like me and finds the target setting somehow doesnt help them ? Does anyone think it'd be better for me just to focus on losing a pound each week and just have that as my target/goal to aim for ?

Thanks for listening and any ideas !
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i always have a target in mind, which is to weigh less or the same as i did the week before xx


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Do whatever you think is best for you!! I find it helps me if I think of an amount what I want to loose for the next week and try my best to get that each week, although if its a big loss one week I aim to stay the same the week after!
good luck! and keep going!!!


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If you find setting intermediate targets to be counter-productive, then don't do it! As you say, the pressure that you then apply to yourself, is not what you need to focus on the plan. I think rosie has a good suggestion, always just aim to lose a bit or at worst, stay the same!

That's more or less what I've been doing, my weightloss is very slow, but steady generally, and I accept that that is the way to go. I don't have huge loads to lose, but still have set myself a generous target date of end 2010 which I should manage without putting pressure on myself.

Basically, do what suits you best!


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I have found that I go to pot too if I set myself a strict mini goal. Although I do need something to head towards (hence the second ticker) but if I have it that I have to lose that weight by that date I will end up binging and putting on.

Did any of that make sense? - I know it did in my head.


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Hi Gobolino

I'm exactly the same, other than for my wedding (when I was only a lb off my target weight at my last weigh in) whenever I've set myself a goal for a specific event then I feel pressurised straight away and if I haven't lost the 'required amount' the first couple of weeks it all goes pear shaped because I think 'I can't possibly catch up now, I can't do this, sod it'!!

So my aim for this year (except for when I do the slimathon to raise dosh for the SW NSPCC charity) is to try and lose a lb a week! Its achievable and in a year that's just under 4 stone off!!

I say go for the lb a week and just keep plodding! I think that's the key, keep going!

Good luck

Jo x


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Thank you so much for your replies ! I think the pound a week approach is going to be my plan..... I cant believe how long its taken me to realise that setting targets has been the key to my downfall. Its a personal thing and I think deep down I know that for me a pound a week is going to be the way to go !! :)

Thanks again and good luck in 2010 everyone !

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Hiya, all my mini goals are based on losing a pound a week but I've also put the date next to it that I'll be doing it for - it helps for me xxx


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Thanks both- mmmmmm 3stone 10lb in a year sounds fab !!!! I wont be focussing on any amounts though - just a pound a week for me x