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poundland and ww products

ok we dont have a poundland in Ireland and i keep reading about fantastic ww stuff they have in there . we dont have half the stuff ye do!!!i was giving out about how much ww treats cost here and so little variety that a cousin in the uk offered to go shopping and post a package over for me:Dso my question is what do you buy in there??
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my favourite find are WW choc and raisin cookies...they are sooo lovely and really satisfying. They come wrapped in twos so they dont go stale either xx
I really like the sundried tomato savoury biscuits (can't remember exact name but there's only one!), 2pp for 2 and they're packaged in 2's. And the plain crackers are pretty good, 1pp for 3 of them, also come wrapped in portions. They have the hot choc too. Also the bagels if they're there, yum! They have the pittas and wraps too.

I've heard rave reviews about the roast chicken crisps (but never got them as I'd probably eat all packs in one go) so maybe worth picking those up?
aw man i'm jealous!!!!!thanks guys
You don't have Poundland in Ireland at the moment but it is coming soon. There was a press release about a week ago, just one in Dublin and one in NI to begin with I think.

You can browse the WW selection on Poundland's website to get ideas. Ours usually has loads of snacks, cookies, sauces available.
i didnt even know they had a website!!!!!!


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I've noticed though, that some Poundlands have more products than others. For instance, my one only stocks the crisps, soups and oat crackers - and even then it's not all the time! Sometimes i can't find anything! I wish my local one did the wraps and cookies etc :(

Edit: my point is(!) that you might want to check with your friends what products are stocked at their store. As it seems not all are the same
I get some of mine from the poundland, but mine dont sell the chicken flavor crisps or the cheese bits, which i love with a passion
I have heard on the grapevine that our local Poundland in Middlesbrough has the WW selection boxes. Will be checking that out tomorrow or Monday.
thanks everyone,,think i'll get her to just pick up whatever they have ww branded:)

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