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i think its best wot suits u ,i do 4 days on pp and 3 on pv

mon- pp
tues- pp
wed- pv
thur - pp
fri - pp (but if i have a chicken kebab for tea i will have a bit of salad on it ,no pitta and no sauces !!
sat- pv
sun -pv

i think you will find out after a few weeks what suits you ...i struggle on PV days so do mon to fri PP sat and Sun PV
i think its just me ...i feel bloated and my mind thinks im not being good !!! I have to be strict on a diet or all my eating habit demons come back to haunt me !!!
im sure you will be find im just strange


** Chief WITCH **
Most of us have found whatever rhythm suits our lifestyle, but I should warn you that Scrumper's 5PP / 2PL could well cause a slow up in errrr (let's say) transition... which is an issue for several of us when the PP days accumulate.

I find alternating PP and PL helps avoid boredom (and stops veggies/salad stuffs going off...). But I admit to preferring:

Mon, Tues - PP
Wed - PV
Thurs, Fri - PP
Sat, Sun - PV
I do alternate days apart from 2 PP days in a row the last 2 days before weigh-in.

(Unless I've had a non-Dukan-friendly dinner at a friend's in which case I rejig the PP days to make up for it:eek:. Also with my husband starting this week, I'm doing 3 PP days while he does Attack, makes it easier for us both as he's eating the same as me!)
i was doing mon-thurs pp and fri-sun PV as i work all week and was finding it easier to do PP at work
yep mine is not good for transit at all so your warned but it helps me in the headspace dept
I havent had any probs in that dept lol. I find lots of water and a nice walk before breakfast helps.

I do PP Monday to Thursday then PV Friday, Sat ,Sun, just fits in better eating veg at weekends/ family meals, meals out are always at weekends, so at least I can fill my plate with meat & veg