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Pregnancy Diary

Hi all I fort i would copy your ideas and do a pregnancy diary.

Well i found out on New Years Day that I am pregnant, me and my partner are very excited! We have a 13 month old daughter, Megan Grace who is totaly gorgeous!! we havnt told our family that we are expecting again yet as we are gonna wait till the first scan. im sure they will be thrilled tho.

Still yet to make an appointment to see midwife, doctors been closed other new year so hopefuly i will have a due date then but at the moment im working towards 6 September seems so long away but im sure it will wizz round! Ive been having sore boobs and been feeling sick today wich, sounds crazy, im kinda pleased about as ive not been feeling pregnant at all!! Im sure i will regret saying that tho lol!

Here is to a happy 9 months! xx
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Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Awww looking forward to hearing when you're due and hearing more updates from you! :D xx
Feeling a little sick today and i actually woke up tired lol. Im also want to eat lots of eggs!dont think its a craving but maybe my body needs the protein!?

By the dates i have worked out i am about 5 weeks today :) x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Woo! :D Another 35 to go! They'll fly by.
Mmmm eggs? How do you have them? Boiled, fried, scrambled?? Yum!
Hopefuly they will fly...first week has so fingers crossed lol! well i would like them runny and fried on toast but now im preggers ive gotta cook them properly! so i would rather have then scrambled to avoid the temptation hehe.

I dont no if its in my head but im sure i have a tiny bump! lol
I have been sooo tired today! luckly my OH has been off work so he has taken Megan out shopping and things. We have been talking about the birth today (i no its a long way off) but i had an accidental home birth with my daughter so i was thinking about having a HB with this one i am worried about something going wrong....anyone else thinking about a HB?


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I didn't think of having a Home Birth, maybe if the place we were living in was bigger but having said that, I'd much prefer to be in the hospital where if something starts going wrong, I'm already there and with the people who can sort things out quickly. But that's just me. I think some people who have a home birth find it all a lot more personal and being in their own surroundings, more relaxing. :)
I booked my booking in appointme today its on the 27th jan, they dont book u in till 8 weeks now but never mind.

Well with my daughter i went into hospital and the midwife said i wasnt in labour and my cervix was closed so sent me home where i had a bath and then wanted to push, she was born an hour after leaving the hospital. it was fast and scary but when the midwife and ambulance cleaned up and left we just got to relax and could have visitors when ever we wanted and my OH didnt leave our side....perfect! x
So today I still dont feel pregnant other than heart burn! dont no if i should be worried or happy....no sickness lol! i have done another test just to be sure it came up positive really fast and the lines were really dark, i hear this is a good thing as the darker they are the more hormones have been detectied!?


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I had no sickness through my first trimester hun, so don't worry. I was waiting for it to come along but it never did. If I ever felt sick it was only that, just feeling sick and it only lasted for 15 minutes and then it went away. I was the same with the tests lol! :D xxx Any cravings yet?
Hopefuly that will be the same for me! not cravings as such but i have gone off sweets and chocoate which it brilliant! I do want to eat whole hearty winter foods like beef stue and pies!! x


wannabe yummy mummy
I want the same kinds of foods as you, God knows how much I'll pile on coz of that though! :ashamed0005:
Think yourself lucky you're not getting any sickness and enjoy it while it lasts! ;)
Also - stop doing the tests as once the hormone levels get too high some tests stop detecting it altogether and that'll have you panicking unnecessarily! :eek:
Still no sickness just the terrible heart burn! I have stopped doing tests now lol, starting to believe it a bit more now. I didnt no test done that...just assumed if your pregnant they would just be positive? strange! ive not weighed myself fince i found out so would be interedting to see if i have put any on yet, hold on ill go check now..............................nothing I have stayed the same!


Gold Member
i was going to mention that about the tests too. ha.

congratulations hon. get ready for worrying about every twinge, cramp etc. you'll have 'oh my god, i have cramps, there must be something wrong' moments, and then the next day 'oh my god, they've stopped, there must be something wrong' moments too, ha. although given that this is your second that's probably old news to you. all i know is that i panicked at everything... albeit inside. now i can feel bump moving about i've calmed a wee bit, ha.

abz xx
Im still a worrier lol, dont think that will change no matter how many babies i have lol. Im pretty sure i have a tiny bulge forming now so dont think i can keep it a secret for much longer as regards to my parents! I am just thinking myself lucky that im not feeling sick this time round! mite be a boy!?!? x


wannabe yummy mummy
haha Abz you sound like me. If we're this neurotic now can you imagine what the GP's will make of us once the baby is here lol


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i daren't think about it vickie. every stage i've thought 'well now i know that they are ok i'll calm down' but i haven't really. ha. i have now that i feel the baby moving a lot. but if there's a day where it has a long snooze i'll probably be panicking :)
Thats a good idea! i have eaten about 2 tins over christmas lol...prob is mostly chocolate! people say u worry less in your second pregnancy but i have become more aware of what can go wrong so im worried even more!!! just want these next 6 weeks to go with a click of my fingers!!!......nope didnt work! x


wannabe yummy mummy
Looking forward it d-r-a-g-s but looking back it flies by! You've already had one successful pregnancy, no reason to think you won't have another :)

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