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Pregnancy without the pounds !!


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So Anyone else pregnant and wanting to make sure they don't pile it on. On both of my previous pregnancies I lost weights because I ate a very healthy diet and cut out the vino..........I also stuck to the rule of adding no more than 300 calories etc to my normal requirement. Now having shifted nearly 70lbs on Lipotrim and CD !! I am determined not to put on an ounce. As my BMI is still in the late 30s my Doctor is happy for me to follow weight watchers...If you have a normal bmi the average to recommended weight gain is 28lbs to 35lbs...........This is not about 'dieting' to loose weight while pregnant and I am not suggesting anyone does that......its about keeping in control and staying healthy and not blowing the diet over the next 7 months.......So anyone care to join me.Yesterday I had Fruit and natural yogurt for breakfast : half and apple, half a banana, a small satsuma and two dessert spoons of low fat natural yogurt. For lunch I had brown bread (no butter) a slice of ham and cheese and lettuce and tomato (was stuffed afterwards )and binned the end of it.. For dinner I had Salmon and brocolli All washed down with 4litres of water and 1 cup of tea and Morning sickness (in the evening) means that I need extra water......xBettyboo (eating for one not two !!!)
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oooooo Bettyboo, I didnt even know you were pregnant, how far gone are you....?
I have noticed that I have not seen you posting as much and had been wondering where you were.

How exciting for you and your family......take care.
Same here Betty - didn't know you were pregnant either. Well then a big congratulations to you, how lovely - a little Minimins baby :D

Keep us posted with your progress, sounds like you have a very sensible plan laid out for yourself. I admire you for that and not using your pregnancy as an excuse to eat for Queen & country and pile all your weight back on.

Is it your first? It's all very exciting :)


Not dieting ATM!
Me too! I was clueless too. So happy for you and a tad envious too. I didn't put on extra weight during pregnancy either. Breast feeding made me ravanous though! Hope you will still post regularly about your pregnancy in your usual charming way. Will be looking out for you.

Hope you have a blooming lovely pregnancy.

Dizzy x


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Actually girls this is the first time I have mentioned it on the board. Its early days - but I was bursting to tell someone. Its going to be a long pregnancy.......Am due in October so will have you all driven completely mad by then. In the meantime a challenge......how many pounds can you loose before my baby is born !!! :) xBettyboo


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OH Betty ......so pleased for you, we would love to hear your progress and thoughts as you go through your pregnancy.

I would have loved to have more children but my body wont have it, good luck and keep us posted xxx


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Congratulations Betty :cool: And what a fab idea for a forum! :D


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Congratulations Betty on your exciting news.

With my first baby I lost more weight than i put on whilst pregnant - but was SICK all through. Made up for it with the other 2 though!!!

Good luck and hope all goes well.


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:D :D :D so so happy for you betty! :D :D :D

u certainly know how to keep a secret!! I lost massive amounts of weight with my last 2 prenancies and managed to stay the same weight with my first. If I could lose 4 stones while pregnant then i assure you, absolutely anybody on earth can do it!!

I am much more behaved when preggers it seems. As soon as they r out I gain loads from just being greedy :eek:

i wont ever be allowing myself to get pregnant again BUT this is a fab idea for the forum. i know there are a few mums-to-be lurking around who could use the support and help. Am just imagining 3am threads crying out for help with a unthinkable cravings for all sorts hehe.

feel free to drive us mad with baby talk. I just love pregnant women and everything that goes with it. well i love OTHER women being pregnant I mean... :)
I do not know how to keep a secret...........I am due in 7.5 months. Work it out.........Actually not sure of due date.....Karen how did you loose 4 stone while pregnant? Tell me.xBettyboo


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Congratulations and best wishes Bettyboo!

Love Mini xxx
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Congrats on your fab news.

I put on 5 stone whilst pregnant with my first (son) and now trying to get it off before I try to get pregnant again, so your forum will help me loads then - so keep on posting!

I think for me I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, I had also stopped smoking so was eating vast amounts of haribo ( I mean huge tubs of it), I did eat lots of fruit & veg though and made sure I had my 5 a day - trouble is I would have 5 a day of everything else as well lol.

Anyway the forum is a fab idea & I will be an avid reader of it.

Congrats again


Shrinking Nicky

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I bet you are SO excited. I know I was at your stage during my pregnancy....I am just waiting for mine to end now (1 day overdue & counting!)

I think it is SO important NOT to eat for 2. Some days I had problems sticking to this but on the whole it was OK. I think I put on more than I hoped to, but as soon as I can (either once I stop breast feeding, or in 3 months if I can't feed - I say that as DD would not feed & I expressed for a month then went onto formula) I will be back on CD.


Shrinking Nicky

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Yeah me too - 6 days over now! Lots of aches & stuff, when I saw the midwife on Wed I was 2cm dilated so probably a lot more now. I have a feeling it will be slow & steady then be a sudden panic trying to get to the hospital!



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OOOOO plenty of sex and play with the nipples as this kicks off a hormone that starts off labour....apparently, then theres hot curry`s and bumpy roads .......lol, you feeling sick yet ?
There are so many things people tell you to try, but I used to sit backwards on a chair leaning on the back with your legs either side. This helps to open your pelvis and encourage the baby to drop.

Anyway enough of this .......good luck and let us know after the happy event has taken place.


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Yeah me too - 6 days over now! Lots of aches & stuff, when I saw the midwife on Wed I was 2cm dilated so probably a lot more now. I have a feeling it will be slow & steady then be a sudden panic trying to get to the hospital!

Well Nicky, how's things going, boy or girl, the suspence:eek::eek:

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