Pregnant & just joined :)

Hi everyone,
I joined SW today for the first time. It's all a bit confusing at the minute so thought i'd join you lot and get some advice :)

I've done WW before but i'm unable to rejoin as i'm pregnant. Trying to avoid piling on unnecesary pounds! ha, wish me luck :D

After flicking through the books, i think i'm generally going to be following the extra easy plan. Anyone think this is better or worse than the other types? I'm still trying to get my head around how it all works.

Hope to get to know you all soon x
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Congratulations and welcome to the board :)
Everyone is really lovely and friendly here so you'll fit right in. You'll get all the support you need. Are you going to group?

Hayley xxx
Hi Hayley, thankyou!
Yes i'm going to the group meeting too. I started today and was really surprised that the leader goes to each individual and ask for a target for the following week! I think i'll need to get some confidence for public speaking if she'll be asking me how my weeks gone in front of everyone! lol


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Hiya welcome to the board.

It really is helpful and friendly on here.

Congratulations on your pregnancy to x

Mrs V

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Hi there firstly congratulations on your pregnancy and secondly welcome to SW and Minimins!
This is the only plan that Im aware of that allows you to follow it whilst you are pregnant and whilst you will see a slight gain, it will never be stones!
Good luck Hun and although it may look scary now, it really isnt! Just have a look at the food diary section to give you some ideas for the week to come. Any questions then feel free to ask, the chances are someone on here will be thinking the same thing too!

Good luck!


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Congratulations and best of luck ! Has your consultant explained if the plan is any different because you're pregnant ? (I'm interested as I'm hoping to fall pregnant this year!!) x


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Hi and welcome.
I too am pregnant 26 weeks today and started sw last wednesday.
How far gone are you??
Hi, thankyou for your welcomes!
I'm 18+5 weeks yummy mummy2b, congratulations on your pregnancy too! Do you find you're hungrier about now? I had the appetite of a sparrow in the first few weeks but all of a sudden, i'm getting regular hunger pangs! Hence my reason for joing SW, trying to keep everything in moderation rather than think oh, i'm pregnant so will eat what i like! lol
Gobolino, good luck in ttc, my consultant hasn't really said it works any different, she has just given me a information letter to pass on to my midwife.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch today at Harvester, not a great start but i'm thinking i'll fill up at the salad bar!!



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With SW all the free foods except Muller lights and other fat free flavoured yogurts which are packed with artificial sweeteners, are really healthy foods for you and your baby. Tuck in and enjoy Congratulations as well xx