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Pretty please could someone check my menus? New to this...

Yesterday on EE

b special k sustain(HEB) and milk (HEA)
l tuna with huge salad and elf mayo 2.5syns
D bacon and mushroom omelette(3eggs) beans and salad
s satsuma, pineapple, strawberries, mullerlight, options hot choc (2.5syns) and 2 rich tea biscuits (4syns)

total 9syns


b mullerlight and cup of tea (HEA milk)
l jacket potato and beans, pineapple and strawberries.
D chicken wrapped in bacon with cajun wedges and huge salad, mayo (2.5 syns).
s satsuma.

i have just realised i havent had todays HEB. A is in tea through the day. Should i have the B one?

how does it look? its funny i feel like i am eating twice the amount usually do. usually it would be no brekkie, soup for lunch then something fattenning for tea followed by wine and choc!

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I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi looks good. You should try and have your Healthy extras though - makes sure you get enough of the good stuff without feeling deprived.

Good luck you're doing really well so far. Have a look at some of the other diaries on here - they're great for inspiration. Mine's on here too I do a bit of a mix between all plans depending on my day so feel free to have a look!
Hi thanks for the quick reply. Any ideas for HEB'S i need to buy some alpen light bars love the choc oes but havent got any in. think its going ok so far its just taking me some time to get my head around it as ive been an unsucessful wwer on an off for years and knwo the points of everything lol!


I will be a yummy mummy!
I tend to have either Alpen Lights or Fibre plus bars if I have one left in the evening for a sweet treat. But I use mine mainly for toast in the morning, or olive oil used for cooking my tea.

Are you doing SW at a class or on your own? If on your own definately check on here if you have any questions - it's great for support on anything SW or otherwise!!
Hi im doing it on my own as my husband works odd shifts and i would find it difficult with my little girl though i do have all the stuff. I joined about a month ago and ended up not even trying it really it was half hearted. So going to give it a go on my own n get weighed at my mums on a monday. I really hope it works i know so many people who rave about it! Thanks for the advice x


I will be a yummy mummy!
I used to go to a class a few years ago and lost about a stone, since then on and off I keep going back to the diet on my own. But have decided this year is THE year the weight comes off!! I run a slimming club in my office so weigh in there. I just can't afford to pay for the classes.

I think the key thing to doing it on your own is your mindset - I know I won't succeed unless I really want to. good luck I know you'll be fine x