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Prickly Heat

Has anybody suffered from Prickly Heat? After sitting in the garden for the afternoon in the sun, I have developed an itchy rash on my two knees. While on hols last year in Spain I got the same type of rash on my hands, arms, very annoying and ruined the last few days of my hols (it started the same day I changed from a sun cream to a sun oil based lotion).

I have just googled it, and there are lots of causes (heat, sun, blocked sweat pores, and OBESITY). I lived abroad in a hot climate for years and never ever had a problem with the sun, until last year and today!

Has anybody suffered from this? Do you know of any prevention for it? I'm moving abroad next month and don't want to suffer from this:cry:
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French Honey
I had that when we had that spell of sunshine last month, I put some aloe vera gel on it that I had leftover from the previous summer holiday and it helped, other than that perhaps calamine lotion might work? Also you could try some anti-histamines to stop your body going into overdrive about it.

Poor you! I hope that you feel better soon xx


has started again!!
I get it too & have been told recently that the Avon range of suncream stops it dead! Ordered the cream but as yet, no heat to try it out with!! :(
Thanks Ladies! Sez, what is the name of the Avon suncream?? I read that anti-histamines can help too, is that right? It's funny that I have never suffered from it before until now, the "obesity" factor got me thinking.


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have a hot bath !!! seriously , i used to live in hong kong and prickly heat was a swine . if you have a bath as hot as you can manage it takes the sting out of it !! and like someone else said try some antihistamine tabs like piriton
piz buin anti allergy is good to prevent it and australian bodycare tea tree lotion is excellent at clearing it up, hope that helps shift it. It always works for me and mine gets really nasty


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Totally sympathize with you I get it too. Sunscreen usually stops it - the first few days of sun usually the worst for me. Antihistamine cream (only to be used on small areas - so not good for all over legs etc) also stops me from getting it. I think you can develop it at any time, I was born in Africa and despite being very fair didn't get it as a child, yet here in sunny old Wales.....!
Hope it eases

I get this quite bad when I go to the Carribean but no where else. I have been told to try Elemis, which is an Tan Accelarator to get your body ready for the sun. Might be an idea to try and get that before you move just to get your skin ready? You can get it from Ebay or QVC :D

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