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Pro points im confused!

IM doin it wrong, i thought 4 slices of ww bread 1 point each would be 4 in total but its not my teacher said its more!!!!
If i have 2 eggs for brekkie at 2 pp each i dont count it as 4 i count it as 6 is that right, please explain im stuck cuz if i had 1 egg for brekkie then another for tea i dont have to put extra points is that right, no wonder i only lost a pound this week im confused
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yeah 1+1 doesn't always = 2 ..... its because there is no half points so things get rounded up and down ... it works in your favour sometimes though as 2 + 2 can = 3 occasionally :)

... so with your bread it is technically over 1pp (but not quite 1.5) so rounded down to make it 1 pp ... however 2 slices would be over 2.5 pp so is rounded up to 3pp not down to 2pp ..... does this make sense ?? ..... its kinda hard to explain! lol
.... as for having the same thing twice in 1 day but not in the same meal i'm not really sure about .... e.g if i had toast for breakfast i would pp the spread then if i had jacket potato with spread on for tea i would then also pp that separately when recording it .... however as i don't do this sort of thing very often i'm not sure how it works out in the long run with working or not.

some things like milk people do measure out their milk and pp it then use it as they want during the day ... rather then counting every cup of tea's allowance .....

i think for some things its just going to be trial and error and see what works for you .... if you have toast for breakfast and then a sandwich for lunch and then home-made chicken in bread crumbs for tea
..... you might find you need to pp 6 slices or bread ... or 3x 2 slices of bread (if there is a difference in the end result of pp's .... its just an example so i haven't looked, lol)

..... again not sure if this make sense ... it does to me in my head but i know what i mean, lol :)
yep that would be fine ..... its weird but as long as they are different items it doesn't effect the pp of 1 item :)

e.g if you had a 2 different items that when you eat 2 of the pp's don't "add up" you don't have to add them together .

e.g a ww chocolate mini roll is 2pp ... but 2 is 5pp
and a ww belgium chocolate cake slice is the same 2pp each or 2 for 5pp

.... however from what i gather (i'm only on week 7 so still new to this)
if you had 1 chocolate mini roll and 1 chocolate slice together it would still only be 4pp :D
thats ok, no problem. glad i could help :)


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