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Hi there,
I am starting weight watchers again after a few years off and am on the pro point plan to lose weight for health reasons,

I have started by using my wifes guides, books and calculator and have put my details into the calculator and it's saying i should be on 60 points a day plus 49 a week!!

There is no way i could consume that amount in a day let alone the 49 per week aswell!!

I weigh 21 stone and 7lbs
I Am 5'11 tall
I am 38 years old
And of course a male!

Is 60 point correct? Do I need have all of these? I remember when I done weight watchers before I use to get a telling off for not using them all!

Can anyone point me in the right direction please??

Many Thanks!!


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I get 60 also on my calculator.

It seems like a lot, my husband also has a high ProPoints value and finds it hard to consume them in a day and how he gets closer to it is to eat the same as I but a bigger portion, so where I have say 10 points for lunch he will try to have 20 and he does this by doubling a portion or using white bread as opposed to my danish bread (as an example)

The 49PP are optional, but there are a lot of debates around about whether or not you should eat them or not I find myself torn.


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S: 150st7lb
Thanks very much, I have only been doing it a couple of days so i guess time will tell! I think yesterday i had 30 and today about 35!

Will give it a go for a week and see what happens! I will try to eat more if nothing comes off!

Thanks for the info!