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Pro Points- tackeling WW with a baby!

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well! Big congrats to everyone on your losses so far, looks like your all doing fab! I havn't been very active on minimins the past few months, as you can see from my signature im currently preggo with babe no1! Exciting times- not so exciting for my ever expanding waiste line- which of course.. i love... just not the big arse, thunder thighs.. bingo wings and double chin .. eek. Iv been a slimmingworld member for 3 years now- which i love and has served me very well. However it's looking like i'l have a good 3 stone to loose when i go *pop*! and i feel it's in my best interest to really get my head sorted these next few months in terms of my 'action plan'. Of course im tempted to stick to what i know, and return to slimmingworld.. However my SIL is doing fabulously on ProPoints and i wonder if i will need somthing 'new' to get me all excited about loosing weight again, because i know my self confidence is about to take a massive plummet after this baby is here and i'l need to feel confident and pro-active in shifting the weight again.

So my question is, how benificial are the groups in comparison to the online membership? .. and any other advise you think may benifit me in making my descion?

I like to cook from scratch, though im sure those days may be limited in the near future! and i'l need to start thinking of ways to cut down on my weekly shop £££'s wise..

Thanks in advance. Lotsa love. xox Fern xox

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Hi Fern! Yay for baby no1 on its way.
Ive been a slimming world member and ive just moved over to WW. I have found that a lot of SW is based on eating and cooking from scratch, a lot of planning and preparing, and thats what I was struggling with.
I run my own business and was starting to really struggle with SW - so thats why I moved over to WW - this week has been a busy week for me but i've been purchasing "normal" foods that I can just PP and its been amazingly easy to do so. Also if you dont have time to prepare in the afternoon etc, try a WW meal already PP for you!

As for classes over online membership - if you went to a morning, or a mid-day class, you would probably find that there are many people like you - some take kids to the class etc and morning and mid-day classes are generally smaller groups.

Online is good - but are you really going to stick to it? Thats what you need to ask yourself x
Thanks for the reply!! My SW group weighed in the evening- which i quite liked. Having said that- it'd be mean Joe being home on time, and being able to look after babe for about 2 hours.. i wouldnt get out of class till half 8 somtimes and by the time iv driven home it would be quater to 9.. im not sure its somthing i can expect to do when babe is here.. so maybe a morning class would be better. Im not sure i'd stick to it as well if i did online, as i need that weekly weigh in to adhere too i think.. which is proberly the same for lots of people! I did do ww for a fortnight early last year, i did loose, though small losses but didnt have tonnes to loose and my body was proberly a bit confused! i did try the ww lasagne.. my OH was mightly unimpressed id given him a ready meal and admittedly i didnt think much of it myself, but i guess its the ease of having that option there that you dont have with sw.

ooh im so confuzzled!!


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I do it online. I dont fear the self weight in and havent missed one yet. This week is the first week ive strayed a bit in 4 months.
I find minis are an invaluable support to me as well as friends and family on various diets about me :)


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P.s, how have your losses been so far on pp, if you dont mind me asking Adele? xx
I joined on Wednesday so only got this week and I'm WI on Tuesday morning as its better for me this week.
I couldnt do it online and just WI at home as its just annoying and hard LOL - but ive found it loads better than SW tbh x


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Hi fern! Congrats on the pregnancy and seriously well done for planning this all now. I wish I'd done the same with my last pregnancy (baby number 3 nearly 7 months) I went mad and put on loads. Anyway, I'm over from SW too, always loved the plan but thought id try WW as also know lotsa people doing well on it.

So far I have lost just over 7 lbs in 3 weeks. Much better than I was doing on SW and that is after months if trying SW and a low carb plan so v happy with it :)

I am loving the plan. I have always been a huge Sw fan and WW never appealed but the changes with propoints are a massive improvement. fruit is zero points now so you can grab a banana or something first thing, get baby fed then have something proper after. One big plus is the fact that you can have a quick sandwich when you need something fast, you can eat out, just add it to your points. I cook from scratch most of the time and just weigh out a couple bits for me like meat/carbs and have loads of veg. It hasn't been the nightmare I was expecting ;)

Also the fact that you use up your daily points or lose them really does help, when I tried WW before I found myself saving loads and living on zero point soup - not v healthy, now I am eating so well and often have a few left or a little treat at the end of the day which I make sure I am having.

Crikey- sorry or epic message, just wanted to let you know it really is fab, i really recommend it and wish you all the luck for when bambino arrives xx let me know If you have any q's.

Btw I do it online and the iPhone app is fabulous. Really keeps me on track an not missing the meetings so far but could be good to start out at a group xx


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Eeek sorry for typos. Wrote it all on iPhone with baby asleep on me- hope it makes sense ;) x
Adele, fingers crossed and good luck for you Wi! xx

Couteaux- I totally recognise you from SW side of minimins- thanks for your reply, that's really helped. Problem is with sw and ww being the two biggest slimming groups, its hard to get an unbiast view.. i know im guilty of selling sw to high heaven so its nice to hear from you all who have done sw previously too and hear about how you weigh it all up.

WW is much more appealing to me now that fruit is 0points- is veg also? out of interest?

Iv been looking on the website for classes local, unfortunatly they are all in the evenings still, but OH says im not to worry and that he will be around to help. So fingers crossed, if not.. babe shall have to come with me! LOL but i quite like the idea of it being 'me' time.

It'd be interesting to see how many points id be allocated on the new plan. My BF is about to join online, so im going to rifle through her information to see if i can get a gist of it.. as i need to do some major batch cooking a week or so before DD so that i can get back on track with ww/sw asap.. else i'l keep putting it off.. so il need to know whats best to cook.

I know on slimmingworld breastfeeding changes the plan, though i wasnt planning on using the extras they allocate you unless i found i really needed them- is this somthing that changes anything with ww? i know that ww has a strict no-pregnant lady rule (for obvious reasons) not that im planning to start before babe arrives.. gotta enjoy those cream cakes a lil longer first ;)


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Thanks Fern! xXx


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Hi Fern :) I recognise you too, i've always found your pics so inspiring! :)

I'm not sure on the details as I moved to WW after I'd stopped breastfeeding, but I am sure I saw someone here talking about it recently and they got lots of extra points. Have a quick search, sure there will be some info. Do make sure you use extras tho on whichever plan you end up doing. You really need them in the early days, it is tiring and you do need to make sure you are eating enough. So eat 'em and enjoy! :D Also don't be hard on yourself in the early days. It can take a while for it to come off, don't stress about it - it will happen. It took a little longer for it to start coming off this time, but suddenly it happened, so stick with it and your body soon catches up. Your body will have been through something huge and amazing, so give yourself time to recover xx

Re veggies - most are zero points! Just the ones that would have syns on the old original SW plan - so peas, sweetcorn, potato, parsnips, sweet potato etc. BNS is zero which is fab for bulking out meals, chunky soups etc.

Great that you are planning some batch cooking. I spent ages doing that too, it really helps in the early days when you are too tired to cook.

You can pretty much do the same kinda things you would for SW, you just need to keep an eye on the protein amount/carbs etc.

So, chilli - lots of extra veggies, smaller amount of meat than you'd use on SW. Beans are pretty low point but prob still use less than we would on SW.

Bolognese sauce - again, loads of veggies compared to meat

Stew/curry - same sort of thing, lots of veg - lean meats

One thing though - as you'll get extra points, I'd suggest you actually have larger portions of protein with some of them as that is one of the things you really need to help produce breast milk.

A handy thing about WW is it does give you that flexibility to have some meals on standby, pasta sauces, the odd take-away when you need one.

KFC was such a no-no when I was on SW, one meal would send me off the rails and into a mad "I'm eating everything that isn't nailed down " phase.. ;) since being on WW, I have had it twice, counted what I had within my daily points and still lost weight that week! It has been amazing.

I don't feel like I need to go off plan as if I fancy it, I can have it and just count the points - Hurrah! :D

Take care, let me know what you go for xox

BTW there have been lots of online offers with places like quidco so you actually get 3 months free (what I am doing now) might be worth trying that - I know one offer ends 12th June, hopefully they will do it again when you are needing it.


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Just a quicky re: the breastfeeding - on WW you get extra points when you are breastfeeding, and you REALLY need to use them. Not only does breastfeeding make you starving hungry, but if you don't eat enough it will affect your milk supply. When i had my second son i joined WW when he was 6 weeks old, as soon as i could, followed the plan and ate all my extra points and it still wasnt enough, my milk supply was falling and i was super hungry, so i took a break and came back when he was weaning and taking less milk. At the time i thought loosing the baby weight was the most important thing in the world, but really giving yourself a break is - having a baby and breastfeeding is mega hard work, so try and enjoy the cream cakes for as long as you can - the weight will come off in time.

Best of luck :) xx
Thanks for the advise guys, RE the breastfeeding. This is all a whole new world to me and i really have no idea what im letting myself in for!!

Still weighing up ww/sw. Very undecided.. but propoints is definitly sounds much more appealing that the discover plan for me, so thats a bonus and will be keeping it in mind. Iv got some time to really decide, but your advise has been great so thank you very much! i expect you may see me here.. (should i find the time that is!) when its baby-weight-shifting time!! x
Oh no don't worry Irene, i have no intentions of joining now- just planning ahead an action plan.. for when i need to start shifting the weight!! x


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My plan of action is to use PP to shift the weight after :) im almost 36 weeks preg...
Im going to have about 3.5 stone to lose after iv given birth I *think*
Hope it aint more then that..lol
Someones already answered a question I had about having to wait til 6 weeks past giving birth - is there no way you can join earlier at all?

Fern - Congratulations


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Hey Fern

I'll tell you what happened to me rather than give advice. It's weird but the minute I announced my pregnancy everyone suddenly wanted to tell me how I should/shouldn't feel, what I should/shouldn't do etc etc. You may have experienced the same.

Beginning of pregnancy weight=9st 2lb. Gained 1/1.5lb per week throughout whole 37 week pregnancy. Stopped being weighed at 12st 2lb. Weighed 11st 4lb after delivery. Didn't loose a lb more until Danny was 16 weeks and started dieting.

WW has been fab, the meals are so convenient. My only regret is that I didn't start it earlier. (Though I was hospitalised with pnemonia when Danny was 12 days old so that changed things). In a perfect world I would've just bought all WW meals and snacks, stocked up the freezer and stuffed them in the microwave when Danny was sleeping. Or opened a packet when needed between meals.

Usually I like to prepare meals fresh myself but this was a struggle for me as life with a newborn was a bit hectic.

Sorry I can't help with your original question but I hope the above helps with your choices x

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