Problem with DH?


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Anyone had problems with DH, I tried to reply to a thread & I just said I had forgot my password so I can get another one, I have e-mailed them 3 times & still no joy!!
First of all try the 'lost password' bit, you should automatically be sent a new password, which you can use, and then once you're in you can change your password back to your orginal one if you want to. Having said that, I did try it, but it wouldnt accept the new password :eek: I emailed them twice, and they did get back to me, and sorted it out from their end...

good luck! :D
I too could not log on at first and asked for a password and when I checked my email (hotmail account) I could not see a reply but then I checked the junk mail section and yes hotmail had dumped it there so check out your junkmail.
I don't have a problem getting on there.

I had to click on the forgot you password link and go through all that and then bingo, no problems since.

I have to say that I don't really bother with DH anymore because it isn't what it was and Minimins is better than DH ever was!