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Problems with ketostix ?


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So I went into Boots today and asked at the pharmacy section for these. The woman had no idea what I was talking about so I spelt it for her and she went to look through the back.
She found them and took them over to somebody else (presumably a manager) and they both looked over at me with dirty looks and were clearly discussing me.
The the woman came back and said "no we can't sell these" and I said well "do you realise you can buy them online, I just want to check how well my atkins diet is working" and she just shook her head and said "I dont think so" like I was a total idiot!

I'm normally quite mouthy and working in retail part-time I would usually argue but I was quite embarrassed and shocked at how obviously rude she was to me.

Do you actually need a prescription or did she just decide that I wasn't allowed them!?? My mum has bought these at boots many times!
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Boots are notorious for being *****y about Atkins dieters. You have to remember it's highly dangerous and we're all likely to die of kidney failure. Now be quiet and eat your low fat bagel ;)

I get them from ebay. 2 packs for 10.30. No questioning, no stupid comments :)
Quite a few people have said that pharmacists and suchlike are rude when asked for these. I don't know what their problem is. If you were diabetic they'd give you them no problem tsk xx

Try going to a small independant chemist, or as you say, buy them online xx


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Im sorry guys I just flicked through a few pages and realised loads of people have written the same thing oops!
Ahwell got 50 on amazon for a fiver, guess it's like half the price! Just have to wait that's all.

I just felt really embarrassed standing there when they were clearly discussing whether to sell them to me or not. They were both a lot bigger than me and I genuinely think they just didn't want to help me lol.
can't say i've ever had a problem from boots or anywhere i've bought them from,
however i think if i had been treated in this manor i would report it to head office.
what right have they got to say who buys them ?
amazon you say.........hmmm have to have a look at that. :)


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I always say they are for an elderly neighbour or my granny or some other bull like that if i'm questioned. I spread out the chemists i go into. Me and my mam both use them so we use about twenty differant chemists. It's quite funny really.
once you get them without touching the important end cut them in half and you have a 100 !! xx
mustdoit said:
once you get them without touching the important end cut them in half and you have a 100 !! xx
hahaha thats one cost cutting measure
I don't know why boots have such a problem with selling the sticks. They didn't have any problem taking the 60 quid I spent on atkins bars and shakes off me!!!!

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