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Progress - Not Going As Well As It Should Have lol


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i was supposed to have a decent body by summer, summer is almost here, however there is no body lool.

my exercise regime started of with running everyday, weight lifting, drinking 2 litre of water daily and eating more fruits.

it started of great, i actually felt weight loss even after a few days of working out. however i was a little too keen, and soon my luck had gone.

my shins started hurting so badly after all the running, my foot also started hurting. and i really messed up my neck from trying too hard and using the wrong technique with the weight lifting. and my neck was hurting for like 2 months.

and then its exam season, and i have to revise alot for my studys.

So the dream is over, i wont have my 6 pac body by summer. But the pressure is off in a way, i can now wait for my exams to finish (1 month left) and then gradually get back into a good exercise regime without needing to try too hard. Its just a personal thing, if i do anything, it has to be 100% effort - i also take that approach in my exams.

and btw im not too concerned about changing my diet. i still have junk food every now and then and i wont stop that because i dont feel i need to. When i was a good shape few years back, i ate alot of junk food and it did not make a difference.

i have learnt that fixing your body requires a different sort of mind frame and techniqe from other things. Doing too much too soon will result in injuries and further problems which will impact negatively in the overall picture - i have learnt the hard way. Hope others can learn from this as well.
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You certainly do get what you desire if you desire it bad enough. I took up running every day also and came down with shin splints. I had to cut back to 3 times a week but I just increased the distance on the days I ran. I am studying also and know that once my exams are out of the way, I can relax a little. You will succeed, you have great determination and that alone will bring you success in your goals. Best of luck


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thank you.... yess the shin splints problem is a real problem.

do you run on grass? or pavement?

because i couldt run on the streets no more it was so bad. i used to run barefoot in my room in the carpet lol. i used to do laps from one side to the other. i used to mix it up with the intensity - but the important thing was that the impact on my legs was reduced and it still got me sweating alot. it is kind of annoying having such less space - but with the music on and the freedom of infinite water available, it was ok i guess.

so is your shin splints gone? how do i make mine go? i really wanna play alot of football in the summer, i dont want my shins to cause me problems.

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