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Progress pic :S



I can't see these big cos I'm on my phone but from what I can see you look great! Bet you feel soooo good! Well done, keep at it xxx
OMG amazing....Well done you. xxx
Thank you lol i know theres not much difference but, i wana keep a wee record anyways
Ummmm hellooooo there is a massive difference.

I have to be honest though.....I am not sure which one is you in the second one?? the first one you are in the blue dress on the left right?? Whichever one you are in the second you...you both look gorgeous.
the second one, in the second pic. Thank you lol


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There is a huge difference! bloody well done chick :)
We never really can see it on ourselves as we see ourselves everyday so it really does help to keep a photo diary - you're doing fab, keep it up love :) x
Thanks guys :)
You look lovely, well done on having the guts to be photographed....it's not something I find easy to do!
Hi missy3

Stunning, you are not the same person :eek:!! Although I think you looked lovely in you first photo too, beautiful dress.
Well, your before pics look much nicer than mine anyway, mine look like mug shots in a criminal line up...hehe...might have to change them.
Well done, you are an inspiration :0clapper:
Wow gone from looking good to great !!
OMG You look amazing!! Whats the weight loss difference in the 2 pics? You wouldn't even know it was you!! God I hope I can do as well as you.....been struggling the last few days now I feel a bit better looking at what you've achieved. Think it's those Dominoes ad's :p inbetween Xfactor they're driving me INSANE lol xx

Wow u look amazing!!!
Good job love, u should be so proud!!!

I know what u mean about putting pics up as i live in Ireland everyone knows everyone thats why i haven't put my face up!!!
oohhh i love ur dresses, but to be honest u looked gorg before and u look gorg after u can see a huge difference
keep up the good work. :)

aww thanx every1, i'm feeling all on top of the world reading those. xxx
Well done MIssy... The difference is sooooooooo obvious.. LT is obviously working for you.. You look truly beautiful x x x

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