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PROGRESS pics!!!


is going to loose!
Hi Diane

Well done, what an amazing transformation!!! You should be very proud, I can tell by your smile.

How's the gym going and are you still taking shakes?

Thats nuts!! I was just showing my housemate and she (who HATES VLCDs) choked on her tea and said "oh my god that's amazing"!!
What a fantastic transformation. You're looking fab, congratulations.
what a fantastic transformation!! well done and many many congratulations. another inspiration to us all! x
JB you look fantastic! :)
Wowwee you look fab!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!
They say it takes a while for your head to catch up with your body when you lose weight so fast! And i can truly say that i never realised just how far i had come till i looked at my original photos and actually took current ones and compared them! I am SO proud of myself! I think i only want to lose about a stone now, but the BIG thing for me just now is i want to get into shape as my target now is not a specific number on the scales, but a toned, defined shape and just "fat loss". I am joining the gym in a week (my friend is coming too for support) My brother is very educated on fitness and nutrition so i will be getting a plan off him!) Will be weaning myself off LL gradually over the next couple of weeks, but by no means am i viewing this as failure, just moving on to the next step. I know i can do this and have alot to thank LL for, i have learned to much and have a totally different outlook now, and for once i am starting to love myself, and there will be NO going back.......this is forever. Thanks everyone. Will still be on here and hopefully in a couple of months i will be giving you my new progress pics. Thanks for all your support!

Love Diane xx
oh my gosh! you look absolutely fantastic, healthier and most of all happy! well done babes, I was actually laughing when I saw your pics in your underwear because I did exactly that when I started my diet, my mate thought I was mad to take pics in my undies but I can't wait to show them off now once i've reached my target weight, I actually took one of me sitting down and belly hanging out, so watch this space....LOL! Well done gal!
Diane - are you skipping RTM?? I hope not.

You look so great and have worked so hard - Iwold hate to see it derail your efforts....its such a critical part, bringing food back in, etc....if not done correctly, the liver just turns everything to fat straigt away and record speed.....I jst don't want to see you go through what you went though last time again. :)

And I was just talking earlier too about the head catching up - its a strange process when body and mind start to think alike. ;)
Thanks for your concern, but yes i am skipping RTM. I know you dont want to see what happened to me last time, but i can assure you, i have totally changed as a person, and for the 1st time i have started to LOVE myself, which i never did before ever! I am going to take good care of myself, and as i said my brother knows alot about nutrition so i am going to follow his plan vigorously. I will only pile on the weight again if i go back to my old eating habits which i wont, and i know i wont, this is for life now. My new healthy eating plan and fitness programme. I have learned so much with Lighterlife and am so very thankful for it, but it is me that has learnt to control what goes into my mouth and it will be me who has to say no, and i feel so different this time and am very confident that i WILL do this. This is not the easy way out option for me. My body has been telling me it needs real food nutrition and more calories now. (ie missed period and low blood pressure) because i am closer to healthy bmi) only 6lbs to go.
My aim now really is to tone up and look good rather than a magic number on the scales, but i can assure you, i am more motivated now than ive ever been, and i will still be on here everyday, im not going it alone. And if i feel my monsters are coming back to haunt me, i will be straight back to my LLC, as i will not allow myself to go back to where i was. I have worked to hard and love myself too much to allow that to happen.

Love Diane xx

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