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PROGRESS pics!!!

Your head sounds in the right place Diane! And I am glad it means you aren't going to skip away - it's nice having you here. :)

Just be careful on how you reintroduce food - thats all. :) I know how hard you have worked and are so lovely - so just keep at it! Its good your brother is keen to help you. That's really sweet. Mr brothers only helped me get fat!! lol ;)

Have a good day hon



nearly there!! :)
look at the collarbones....oh my god!!! ya look fab xxx
Thanks BL!
Yes, im defo not making the same mistake i made last time! I am staying away from all junk food (maybe a little on special occasions!)
No more binges...ever! My mind really has changed!
Introducing food gradually over next 2 weeks, had my first meal last night of smoked cod loin and brocolli! It was delish and i was so full (surprisingly so!) And didnt feel like eating anything else at all which for me is GREAT. Normally eating a healthy meal is followed by a barrow load of sweet indulgences!
Not thinking too much about food, its just fuel and nutrition. Am very positive BL! And i know if anything starts to go wrong you will let me know, and :whoopass: to get my ass back to LL lol (though am sure you wont have to!)xx
lol - I would never :whoopass: you for anything - you sound well in control. :)

Now, a question.....

Cod have loins?? I thouhgt you had to have legs to have loins! LOL Hows that work then?? And yummmmmmmmmm - broccoli........droool.....:D

I never thought of that before! Hmmnn........why do they call them loins?? Not sure at all, but its a lovely piece of filleted fish, nice n thick.mmnnn.
Day 2 of introducing food...and i had 2 LL shakes, a bar and chicken in tomato and basil sauce with a tin of mix veg....and again....very full afterwards and satisfied. Not feeling any urges to be naughty! lol.:eek:
Feeling good and feeling positive:p
OMG, wow wow wow, what an amazing transformation... huge congratulations you are looking fandabulous xxx
wow, u look amazing... and u still have your boobs!! I'm worried that mine will shrink away to nothingness lol

Sweety x
Porgeous ur such an inspiration!! I'm only 10 days into my journey but so motivated!!

Sweety x

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