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Progress report - WARNING - this may direct you to a picture of me in gym gear


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Hello everybodypeeps...

Well it looks like I'm doing pretty well on the whole 30 day shred whilst SSing thing - my energy levels are through the roof and the inches are melting off me.

May I direct you towards my blog: Keep Off The Arse where my latest post will show you what I look like now that I am no longer obese (and also quite how red and sweaty Jillian Michaels is capable of making a girl). I was really rubbish with before photos this time round as I had so many chins and I looked bloody awful - I think I was in denial for all of the last winter! But now I have my jawline back...well - here we go!

I think I have about er 9 more weeks of SSing, but I may try a month of 810ing followed by a month of 100ing to try the slow approach to reintroducing food. Whatever happens I am definitely on SS until a month today.

But yeah - don't let anyone tell you you can't do something - 24 days ago I had my doubts about this Shred malarkey - but I've lost 3 inches off my waist in 3 weeks. That Michaels woman is incredible!
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I'm very impressed! I've been kicking around the thought of buying the 30 day shred but I keep saying to myself that I'm just too lardy and that I need to lose another 30 lbs before I can even consider it. But reading through your blog just now makes me think that maybe I should get the DVD now and try it...
You look fab!:happy036:


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I think if you're worried, you could easily do every other day of level one for a few weeks and watch how much better you get - I think doing old school exercises like jumping jacks and bounces and modified push-ups are great for watching your progress and that was what really encouraged me. I started out Level 2 thinking 'No way you're getting me doing a Plank Jack' by the end of 10 days I not only looked forward to them, but I could do an entire set without stopping (I couldn't manage 10 seconds on Day 1) She offers low impact versions for everything but jumping jacks (she says 'I have 400lb people doing jumping jacks, so can you')
I definitely like the idea of exercise that doesn't require 'machines', it just seems more natural. That's a great idea, too, to start off every other day. I think I need to check with my doc, I've a bit of sciatica at the moment that I can't seem to shake and I wouldn't want to make it worse. Would definitely like to add some exercise though. Once again, I must strive to be like you!


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Wow hun you look amazing :D I love the 30 day shred but not allowed to do it till my weight has gone as have bad ankle joint, but you prove cd and shredding really does work:)


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Cheesegirl - ah - yeah - I'm not sure how well this would go with sciatic problems as your lower body and lower back take quite a pounding on it.

Dappy...I'm now light enough to go riding at my local stables...haven't been riding in years and I'm really looking forward to it. Probably want to lose a little more first so I have more of a choice of horses, but I feel like the core work I've been doing is really going to help ease me back in!
well done hun you look great.

it is amazimng i only did it for a week and lost 3 inchs off my waist but i stopped because of not losing any weight but i think once my weights moving again i will try again.

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