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  1. beth.m

    beth.m Member

    Well this is me before and at half way, on the left is me two and a half stone lighter on holiday this week in approximately 2 and a half months compared to the right! Still have another 3 stone to go before I'll be happy! I've had one week off this week with it being my 21st and being on holiday but back on 100% today until the rest is shifted!

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  3. DOK

    DOK Member

    Fantastic results. Don't look like you need to lose much more
  4. beth.m

    beth.m Member

    Thank you, just need the motivation to get back on 100% TFR again! On the left I'm still at 12st7, unfortunately I've been blessed with high muscle mass (particularly in my legs) through having horses so although it might not appear to look so bad, the scales tell me a different story! Just going to see how I look at each stage, 9st7 would sound lovely but given my build might not look right.
  5. hez

    hez Silver Member

    You look fab Beth. Well done on your weight loss to date. I think you look fine just as you are! :)
  6. goose

    goose Silver Member

    U look gorgeous just as u are!
  7. beth.m

    beth.m Member

    Thanks Helen and Goose! It's lovely hearing nice comments, really means a lot and gives me the motivation to carry on! Another 4lb down in 4 days so hopefully another picture to follow won't be so far away in the distance!
  8. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Fantastic result, well done!:happy096:
  9. mancitymark

    mancitymark Full Member

    Well done , you look great, you must be delighted ... and rightly so ..
  10. beth.m

    beth.m Member

    Thanks again! Going to do a September challenge and aim for another stone, same again for October so hopefully the end will be in sight!

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