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Oh my God, I hate this word!!!!

It's a lazy version of "probably".

I wish people would just use the proper word!!!!
My new least favourite adaptation of a word is the use by the younger generation of the word "onto".

For example...

"Mum, what is a cat?"

"It is a four legged animal, often domesticated and related to other cats of the feline species"

"Ah, k, onto"

Which roughly translated means "I understand what you have said, so thankyou for explaining".

I witnessed an exchange between my niece and some of her friends on facebook when the Breast Cancer "post in your status where you put your handbag when you come home but pretend like its something a lot ruder you are referring to" thing was doing the rounds, where they were discussing one of their parents updating their facebook status with the appropriate hangbag related comment with a mildly smutty context - and one of them thought that the mother was just in fact posting things that a mother shouldnt post on her facebook status - and really didnt get it at all - and the jolly chums were all mocking him and telling him he really wasnt "onto".

About 15 of them, all ending a sentence with "you arent onto". Terrifying.

I quite like Prolly though, mostly because I am fundamentally lazy.
thanks for the younger generation comment!! at my age its a treat!! :D
Prolly is an abbreviation generally used when playing MMOs given the nature of them there isn't a lot of time to write full descriptive words and sentences an is a form of short hand for ppl who use it! i apologize for not using full English but being as severely dyslectics as i am its is prolly easier to understand than the garbled gibberish that i might type. it seem to have been adopted by the generation who txt talk which I'm not a big fan of and cant make a lot out.
but there ya go any others feel free to ask me directly :) i don't bite (ur all to syn full :p)
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Hahahah.. oh my. I feel awful, i am only 18 and this is even making ME feel old!

Cant stand slang and generally lazy typing, i very rarely do it.. and most of the time i havn't realised what i'v done- They joys of having to text on a old school nokia..( not anymore however, i now have a blackberry, thank god for a full keyboard!)
:D Two annoyances for me is innit and axe me. Oh and of course think instead of thing. Gawd Im getting old.

what on earth does ''axe me'' mean?? :eek:

- oh my lord, that really does my nut in. How can you get two words so mixed up? and generally people who write words how the sound, rather than using the correct spelling- like 'fink' instead of 'think'

never heard "on to" or "axe me" :8855:cant stand the think/thing/fink/ init or "fambo". and the budwizer "whaaaaaaaaaasuaaaaap" add drive me round the twist :silly:
Ha, the buttons were so damn hard- i had to use text slang to stop my thumb cramping haha! .. and of course, the quicker you text the quicker you can hide it back in your handbag..

reminds me of that phones4u advert with the brown paper bag over the old phone with two eyes cut out hahaha