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  1. DamCil

    DamCil New Member

    I peeps. I'm new to the diet and have ordered the book but it hasn't arrived yet.
    Can I ask are protein bars allowed? Like Atkins - who does snack bars and meal replacement bars.
    Thanks! X
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  3. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member


    From my limited experience and everything I have read the answer is no. Protein bars are high in carbs and may contain added sugar.

    Have you started yet?
  4. DamCil

    DamCil New Member

    Yes I started yesterday. Just oat bran, meat, skimmed milk and fat free yoghurt so far with tons of water x
  5. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member


    Nope, no protein bars.

    P x
  6. Its Tessa

    Its Tessa Full Member

    Last time I did serious dukan, I did have Atkins bars in extreme circumstances, no way would I have one in attack. A very respected poster on here a couple of years ago gave me the advice that if I found myself in dire circumstances to vere towards Atkins low carb diet food, if nothing dukan was available. Atkins bars are by far the lowest for carbs and sugars.

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