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protein daily amounts?


** Chief WITCH **
When I went on my first day of attack I did not eat that much protein as I was not very hungry ( I drank loads of water! )

I ate half a roasted chicken and some 200 gr of shrimp after that I really could not eat anything else that day.

When I jumped on the scales the next morning I had only managed to lose 200 gr or 0.4lb.... way to little.

So that day I went on and ate more.. salmon omellete with 4 whole eggs, sardines, 10 crab sticks, 300 gr of prawns and two large salmon fillets.
This morning i went on the scales again and it showed 600 gr which is more like it should be. So a total of 800gr.

So I guess it is important to eat lots of protein!!!
it is important and after a few days you wont want to eat as much


last diet.......EVER!!

Hi Everyone,
Thankyou for verifying that, I've now worked out I need between 75- 100 grammes of protein a day.
I'm an impatient person, so having done all the diets from A-Z over the last 20+ years, I want this one to be the last!!!!!!!!:D............so anything to 'tweek' it slightly to speed things along I very much appreciate.
Thanks again!:)


** Chief WITCH **
For the fastest weight loss, I'd advise to cook lots yourself, hence avoiding dubious packaged ham, and salty wet turkey and chicken slices. Keep your dairy to 500g maximum, using fat free quark or fromage frais rather than sugary yoghurts. Avoid crabsticks etc.

Post menus! Then we can help more...
PS - and it's a MINIMUM for the protein to protect your muscle mass, not a maximum, so fill up if hungry...
Missfitness - the best way to speed this up is to eat MORE protein, not less, so whatever you do, don't try to eat the MINIMUM - eat 3 times as much.

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