protien shake? which one? where from?

You can use the Atkins shakes, ready to drink, very tasty.

Or, a bit cheaper and heavier on protein and vitamins/minerals, the EAS carb control shakes. £20 or so for 12, free postage, they come in chocolate or strawberry.

I get them from a site called Bodybuilding Supplements. Make sure you get the carb controlled ones. They also do a 20g carbs shake but I think it is for those wishing to bulk up! Ha not quite what we need...


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I get the protimeal shakes from avidlite... the chocolate is 0.9 carbs & can also be made into puddings & mousse!! Get the tubs rather than individual sachets.. works out cheaper. x
I have used the Avidlite ones and they taste very nice but they are not intended for use as meal replacements and they are tiny. The EAS shakes are bursting with nutrition. This is the difference. The EAS and Atkins shakes contain much more liquid per carton, too.

I use the Protimeal porridge now and then, tasty and filling and only 2g carbs per sachet (5g carbs for the sweeter ones). Nice on cold mornings!


I've just purchased one from Holland and Barrett after a recommendation from a friend. Huge tub half price at £12.99. Was a bit sceptical but its lovely I got the vanilla flavour and really like it. Its 1.6 carbs. x
I bought the holland and barrett powdered shake and I find it disgusting, particularly the chocolate! But hey opinion is subjective and others might love it. It is certainly cheaper!

I bought three tubs for the price of two and quickly wished I hadn't! But I am using up the choc and the strawberry powder making low carb cookies now and then.


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I also bought the Holland & Barrett and am using Cambridge Diet Mix a mousse to make them into mousses (also SF jellies mixed with them to turn them into puds). The choc one is not the nicest - I have to add a bit more cocoa some Splenda to make it anything like decent. Will have to check out the cookie recipes


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I bought some of those too Laura ha ha. They are in a drawer, and I am trying to get through them a couple at a time.

I bought the soups too. Not very tasty but then I have only tried the non-meat ones.

[email protected] Frankenfoods! But I know what you mean. Converting a soya bean into a shake or soup or even margarine (ugh) must take some doing. Food technology!