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Proud of my decision!

Hi everyone

For the last few days or so, I've been tearing my hair out over what to do about a friends wedding we are going to a week tomorrow (23rd June).

I've had thoughts running through my head from ''just eat a little bit of the main course and a sip of champagne for the toasts''... to... ''have a full on day off the diet''... to... actually being frightened of eating something and then just not being able to get myself back on the diet again.

I believe in this diet. Its probably the only diet I really believe that I CAN lose this weight on and so I have decided it is not worth risking having a lapse on it.

I have other issues too as these are my fiance's friends (not mine) and I am always paranoid they don't like me very much. I don't earn heaps of money like they do and I'm not one of these 27yr olds that is into going out to pubs and spending my spare cash on getting plastered every night / weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love a fun night out and a few drinks but not every day!!! (well week!). So I think they think I'm boring and the last thing I need is to be at their wedding not drinking. I can just picture what they're thinking in their heads! :(

But anyway. I WANT to lose weight. I NEED to lose weight. I WILL lose weight on this diet and I can't let this stop me. I just can't.

So my fiance and I have agreed to call them 1-2 days before the wedding and tell them I've got mild food poisoning so won't be eating or drinking. (At least this way they might be able to tell the caterer to save them forking out on a meal I won't eat).

We'll get up on Saturday, I'll have 1 shake first thing, another before we leave for the wedding and then I'll take a bar in my bag for later on in the day and have my last shake when we arrive back at the hotel.

Its a big step for me. It might not sound much but in the past its been all to easy for me to say ''oh well, I can re-start the diet the next day''. I refuse to do that. I'm going to stick to it 100% so when its my wedding, I will look like a Princess!

Thanks for listening!

Joo xxxx
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I have to say, you sound like you have really thought this through and your partners support is great too.

It is totally up to you whether you come clean about LL or not, I have told some people and not others .... It's our business.

As for the choice not to eat, good on you. Like you say this diet works, it costs serious cash and I feel 100% + commitment is the only way to get through. I can assure you that when you return to your hotel room after getting through not only the food issues, but it also sounds some not too friendly people too you will emerge so much stronger.

The next time will be even easier and I also bet your partners friends will not even fill you with as much dread as they do this time. :queen:

Go Girl, am proud of you. Take each minute at a time and don't eat or drink for others. I did this for the first time at a friends birthday barbecue this week. Don't get me wrong I wanted to eat, but a strong factor was trying to fit in.....

Take Care, and let us know how it goes

Sam xx :party0019:
Good for you!!!

Enjoy the wedding and I honestly think you've made the right decision, so you can feel proud that you'll have a lovely day and still lose weight!



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Nice one, Joo. Sensible, well thought out decision which shows that you care about YOU more than you care what the others think.

You have a goal which you are definitely going to achieve, and you're going to be a beautiful (and slim) bride.
That's exactly what I am going to tell people should the need arise - that I am happy to go out with them, however I had food poisoning and have to stick to just sipping water for 24 hrs. Then possibly giving TMI so they don't bother asking again like "oooh the world FELL out of my bottom cos I had some cereal this morning - you should have smelt it!"

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