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Proud of myself


I CAN do this
Ok not that interesting but so proud of myself I just had to share.

Well I ended up at Harvester again with my friends after a meeting. Decided to go with the same as last week as it didn't knock me out of ketosis and was really nice. So I ordered my grilled chicken with gravy (I just dip in gravy) and NO side but when it came out the plate had blumming chips on it!! I tried offloading them on my friend but they wouldn't have them, so the entire meal I had a load of chips staring up at me from my plate. When I'd finished my chicken I looked at the chips and the little gremlin in my head started to say 'well just one won't hurt'. I found the smallest chip out of the lot and put it on my fork and I just looked at it and after a minute of looking at this chip it just thought 'this chip just really isn't worth it' and took it back off my fork, put my cutlery down and that was it. I was so proud of myself because I like chips, I don't have them that often normally so they're usually a treat, but I managed to resist. I've tried so hard to keep away temptation whilst I've been doing this and the stupid waiter obviously wrote it down wrong even though I specifically told him no side (he was an ass anyway and they managed it fine last week). To resist that chip was a major thing for me even though it sounds really stupid to most people. Just glad to say I'm still here and I've still not strayed. Given me a boost that I can do this and I can stick to it.
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I don't think it's stupid at all either! That may seem like a minor victory to some, but to others it's a big step. Well done, you did great and are right to be proud xx


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Wow that takes willpower! Congratulations, you should be proud! :D


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Brilliant! Strengthening your resistance muscle so it'll be easier to do that next time. Well done, you are right to be proud :)


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that's fab will power, I will readily admit if I had been sat there with half a plate of chips looking up at me I would have eaten the lot, I would have been regretting it as soon as I had done it but I would have still sadly scoffed them so good on you for resisting the temptation, its not an easy thing to do. I would have been like you and annoyed with them for bringing the ruddy chips out in the first place! Em


I CAN do this
Thanks everyone. I few weeks ago those chips would have been gone without a second thought, especially as I seem to hate leaving a plate with food on. But last night I left the chips and a bit of chicken. I'm determined to get over this thing of having to eat everything on the plate, even if I'm full. Now I just have to focus on slowing down how quickly I eat when I eat normal food.


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Definitely not stupid! You did a great job in a pretty difficult situation, well done!