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Step 1 Sole Source Psychological Rehabilitation

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by pinkpussy, 13 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. pinkpussy

    pinkpussy Well-Known Member

    I am finally ready to stop the emotional eating and lose this weight. I have allowed my emotions to control everything, especially my approach to food.
    The last three days have been terrible and have cheated every single day thus far. However today I made the decision to either be 100% or not do it at all.

    I am a full time carer for my mother who is disabled so spend plenty..... and I mean plenty of time indoors. However this should not be a reason to stuff my face every second. promising to restart tomorrow with tomorrow never happening.

    Financially I cannot afford it but need the accountability also support. As of today I have enough money to fund 28 weeks on plan. I plan to use every penny to get happy and healthy again, after which or during I will decide what to do.
    Currently weighed in around 16 stones and do hope I can lose 7 in 28 weeks and then get my family to help during maintenance. I want this so so so bad... maybe even get a part time job on top of caring if possible. Wait and see.

    My goal for now is to be consistent everyday and wont even want to know what I weigh until after 196 days. Enough with the numbers on the scale, I will lose weight if I am 100% everyday FACT!

    So here I go...... :)
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  3. pinkpussy

    pinkpussy Well-Known Member

    Woke up to some distressing news. Cannot continue. Man always me.

    I will continue to read all your entries. Good luck to you all x
  4. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Well-Known Member

    oh wow - sorry to hear that.

    I read your first post and was like - hey this is a woman with some drive and some motivation. I know its hard being a carer, my DD has sensory issues and sometimes I just feel like its consuming (probably why I eat so junk to try and out consume it!).

    You will do it when you are ready.

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