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Psycology & old clothes.

Is it bad for the soul (and ongoing weight loss!) if you hang on to your 'fat clothes'??? I was sorting out my clothes today and I thought it would be a shame to throw out perfectly useful items. For example my size 22 jeans are wearable for grotty jobs if I use a belt (now size 14)

On the one hand getting rid will make space for lovely smaller clothes, but then it is good to see the big things and think 'never again!'.... but then, could I be keeping them subconciously because I might be that size again one day!

What did you guys do with your 'fat clothes'???

I was told something very helpful by a dieting friend, that was, buy 'transition' clothes from charity shops of cheap shops, then you can justiy a splerge when you get to the size you want to be. You see, I didn't do this so that might be why I am hanging on.... the size 14 clothes will come from charity shops from now on, then I will have a blow out when I am size 10-12.;)
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This is for ME!
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Somewhere on the site(sorry I can't remember where now) there is a clothes exchange thread. You'll be able to find it in search no doubt. I gave away a load of my bigger clothes last time around only to put all the weight back on. But I'm gonna do it again, it will be like saying goodbye to the old me for good. Good idea about the charity shop too. :)
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I gave mine away but you could also sell them on Ebay. I kept one pair of trousers and one top in my biggest sizes just as a reminder!



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I think when you are ready you will sort them out and do what ever is best for you .I started off putting them in the loft and last month I sorted them out for charity bin and ebay (funds towards new clothes )just felt ready to let go and slowly getting used to the new me .Good luck hun xx
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I thought I would keep mine, the longer I have gone on with it (over six months now) the more silly it has seemed. Last month I went through and got rid of loads of stuff, just kept a few things that were a bit too big but the rest went.

If you're not sure maybe you should hang on to them for the moment and wait till you feel ready. I realised after I had gotten rid of mine that I had finally found faith in myself that I wouldn't go back to the way I was. It was a great feeling!
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I've charity shopped all of them, except for a few jumpers that are too warm to get rid of. ;)
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when i lost a load of weight about 6-7 years ago i threw all my larger stuff out and maintained for a few years. I definitely think its good psychology to get rid of the big clothes.

my problem is that i won't get rid of smaller clothes! I have stuff in 3 sizes in my wardrobe - i hope sincerely to get in the smaller stuff one day! :)


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i think i am going to keep something as a reminder, and to know i can never go back to this weight. just like i have still got a dress from when i was slim, which i am determined to fit into.
i guess we all have different ways of motivating ourselves not to regain the weight!
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I am the same as purple. I got rid of larger sizes a couple of years ago but then put it all back on and had to buy more. Meanwhile my wardrobe is packed with everything between size 10 and 18, and im only now getting back into the 18s again.
The other thing I do that seems odd is for years now ive put off buying nice expensive clothes as 'there is no point buying nice things when im going to lose weight'.
Only problem was I never did, so the clothes I have left now were cheap to start with a definitely on their last legs now.
Isnt psychology a funny thing eh.

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I'm a throw-outer. Of course it means I often have to buy the same things twice. If you're in the right mind set to lose weight then you are not going to need those larger clothes ever again. If you keep a lot of them you are at some level saying to yourself that you will need them in the future. Be strong and de-clutter!

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