psyllium husks


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I followed advice and now am takin 2tsp a day of the husks mixed with a spoon of choc shake powder and water -it really fills me up so struggling to have morning shake too. Still have it tho as i know i need it for vits and mins. I cant believe its like 'free food' tho, in the way it has no cals and just passes straight thru yr bod, but really fills u up like porridge or something like that! What a discovery! Anyway, thought id just pass on the good news if anyone else was having a bit of trouble in the toilet department!

Katie x
I went to holland and barratt and got a tub of Regucol, -it has psyllium husk powder in and probiotics to regulate good bacteria in your intestines. It is on offer at the moment, half price or less i think,-about 3quid.
Psyllium husks basically just act like a sponge which holds onto water -(looks a bit like semolina when u make it up as i do), it passes straight through your system and provides the bulk that is necessary to go for a number 2!!

Katie x​
;) Hey..good news re number 2s! I'm onto it ...lets just say things aren't moving as they should and plus I fancy the porridge like texture! And its on offer...give me the lot and see me regulate!:D
Russiandoll on here is the expert on Psyllium Husks, if anyone needs any info then shes a great help x
And here she is ..... :D :D :D

Be careful which psyllium husks you use - if they have 'things' added, check the nutritional label to make sure they have no carbs or cals.

If you want the 'totally free' stuff then make sure it's pure psyllium husks.
Here are a couple of useful links: one is to buy them online (cheaper than most places) and the other is for capsules if you don't fancy the idea of the powder.

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Remember, in BOTH cases, you MUST drink more as PH absorbs 20 times its own weight in water: that's how it works! :)

You can have it as a porrige: either as a small porrige in the way Katie described or a whole big bowlful by adding a shake and 2 dessertpoons of PH to 400ml of hot water and mixing with a blender. Leave for a minute to allow it to really absorb the liquid and enjoy! (I sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on my Toffee & Walnut porrige: yum!)

You can do the same with the soup ... 400ml of water (I also add a level teaspoon of savoury drink mix or low salt Marigold buillon), 2 dessertspoons of PH, blend and hey presto! A thick broth-like soup you can eat from a bowl with a spoon. Don't use boiling water or mix blend too hard though or it can go gloopy.

Anyway - hope this helps.
You're an absolute star!!!! Just having my veg soup with my psillys in now, mmmmmmmmmmmmm


On another note, I nearly bought the husk powder from a health food store, the brand with all the probiotic stuff in it and decided against it. I prefer just the husk with no additives.

Cheers me dears
Kazz I don't have any no2 problems or my hubby but we enjoy using this. It doesn't do any harm.

I use it occasionally when I fancy it but he does like to use it each day.

Dizzy x
In answer to your Q ... depends on how thick you want it! If you want it sort of the consistency of semolina then take 150 - 200 ml of very hot water, add half your pack of vanilla and a heaped dessertspoon of PH on top. Then give the whole lot a good zizz with your blender until it starts to thicken. Pour it intoa bowl and leave it for a minute so it settles and absorbs a bit more water. I sprinkle a wee bit of cinnamon powder on top of mine to give it that 'hearty' flavour. :)
oh dear...I mixed 200mls of hot water with husks and half a toffee and walnut shake and it's all gooey....and it comes off the side of the bowl when I pick it up with my spoon!! what have I done??:(
Lovely...I've just bought some and had with a shake - delicious and they bulk out the shake so it lasts longer. I would imagine that it wouldn't be a good idea to have it with each shake? Anybody know if it would have an adverse effect if I did?
Providing you have plenty of additional water, I don't think they would have an adverse effect: your body CANNOT digest them after all.

However, if you DO find that having them in every shake makes you a bit 'loose' then simply cut back. Remember that the recommended dosage on the tub is taking into account someone who is eating a normal diet which already has fibre in it: ours has much less so we can probably manage the extra PH much better.

I've had PH in my morning shake AND evening soup for months with no ill effects. I love the 'cerealy' texture in my cold shakes ... it reminds me of a health drink - yum! :)
Hi Coley, - mine went disgustingly gloopy too and I think it's cos the water was too hot and overblended! - maybe you did the same?

I did enjoy it still and made me think of chocolate custard yum! but had to make sure I didn't think about the texture as I picked it up with my spoon as it made me feel sick!!! Will definitely give it another go!