1. AwaywitheFairies

    AwaywitheFairies Full Member

    Hi There

    Can anyone help with puffed wheat, I am following F&H and puffed wheat with no added sugar or salt is listed as an F&H food.

    I also buy The Good Grain Co puffed wheat which says on the box no added salt or sugar but when I put it in the tracker it adds points, it doesn't make sense, what am I missing?

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  3. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    Is it just the puffed wheat it points, or all food? Because maybe it's set as a points tracker and not as Simple Start?
  4. AwaywitheFairies

    AwaywitheFairies Full Member

    It doesn't point puffed wheat with no added sugar or salt as a standard food that comes up with a green square but it does point the good grain one which has no added sugar or salt anyway?

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