Pull in pants


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Can anyone suggest some sites or shops which sell either nip & tuck pants or tights (without the surgery!)

Need something to streamline my curves under a slinky dress.

Thanks girls :)
Spanx? Saw a thread about them somewhere here last week. Think they're a favourite of Trinny and Susannah.
Thanks Louise & Diva

I've looked at spanx online and your site too Diva .. most of the deliveries are too late though, so might have to resort to old fashioned style shopping .. using my legs rather than fingers!

Now I know what I'm looking for though helps a lot :)

Mandana x
Thanks Chelle .. I took a quick look on eBay and couldn't find what I was looking for ...

However .. I did find a few things on MyTights.com and have ordered :)

Thanks Diva for the link - great site!

So, with an extra push on the packs, a body wrap AND my pull in pants/tights, I WILL get into that dress next Friday!!! :D

Mandana x
That's great news Mandana!!!! You are going to have a wonderful time - remind us of the event again.....
It's one of my H's company events - black tie & evening dress.

Also happens to be my Birthday :)

oooooooooooo how lovely!!! post some pics of you and H so we can see how gorgeous you both look ;)

Happy birthday for next Friday, and good luck with SS'ing between now and then xxxx
Oh I've got to tell you all something that really had me ROFL yesterday lol ...

I told Mr Mandana that I needed some extra 'help' to get into this dress, and told him I was going to buy some sucky inny pants!

With no hesitation at all he said 'oh, I definitely want some of them if they're sucky inny' lol :eek:

Something told me (his cheeky expression probably) he wasn't talking about his stomach!!! :rolleyes: :p << erm, is that an appropriate icon?! LOL
Hi, I also posted on this the other day, I bought some cheap ones from Boots, the JML kind, and they are fab! Make clothes very smooth. I dont look that much smaller, or so I thought. Wore them to work today, and my trousers keep falling down and going underneath my boots! had about 5 people tell me they can really see I have lost weight :)

So they must work. I am not sure how long they last mind, when I take them off you can see my bum shape in them LMAO, so may invest in an expensive pair at a later date!

They are getting easier to take on and off too!

Dont forget to post piccies!
Welcome to Justalittlebitdifferent.co.uk

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Welcome to the site where everything is "just a little bit different!"

[COLOR=#80000]Shapewear from £13.99

Thanks for the links Mini .. I'll bear them in mind for the next time!

Well my package arrived this morning, special delivery - service or what?!

I've had a look at the tights .. had to laugh at the peep-hole gusset! God only knows how I'm going to get these things on - they look like torture! And what happens if you snag the tights? They'll be ruined .. expensive tights at £20 a pop!

Oh well .. wish me luck when I try them on later. Perhaps I should take a candid camera video?!?! :eek: :D

Mandana x
Waaahhh .. how hard is it to get these blooming things on?!

Jeez, you should have seen me .. lying on the bed with my legs in the air trying to get my legs in .. and as for my thighs, arse and tummy .. all I can say is it was a sight to be seen! Hopping round the bedroom like a cat walking over eggshells!

So here I am .. sat typing to you all wearing a contraption AKA Spanx tights, my dress (which hardly does up :( ), shoes and feather stole thing. I've also got long velvet gloves which go over my elbows with feathers on the end .. and a bag to match, but for obvious reasons I've taken them off!!

One good thing about these tights though is that they are SO tight, I won't be able to eat!

Won't have to drink much either as going to the loo is going to be a right laugh!