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Pull up a chair...


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As some of you know I'm not actually on LT I'm on another VLCD called All About W8. The programme I'm on is called the Rapid programme, you do TFR for 3 weeks (4 shakes a day) and then add a small protein and veg meal every night for the fourth week whilst still having all 4 of your shakes. Then it's back to TFR for 3 weeks then another week add a meal. It goes on like this until you get to your desired weight, then you go on to maintenance.

They've got another couple of programmes... one where you TFR all week then add a meal at the weekends, or there's one that you add a meal everyday still having four shakes a day.

Anyhow after all that rambling (sorry) I'm switching to their brand new programme. You have 2 shakes a day, one 4oz protein and veg off a strict list in the evening and 3 snacks a day off their other strict list. They reckon that you can still lose 2 to 3lbs a week on this programme if you stick to it. Oh and the best bit......YOU CAN HAVE 2 MEDIUM GLASSES OF WINE PER WEEK!!!!!

Wish me luck, I really want to shift this last stone before I go on my holidays on 1st August but am totally bored of the Rapid programme. I need to eat but still don't want to lose the "comfort" of my shakes so I think this is my best option.

Also I have my first proper night out this coming Friday with people that I haven't really seen since I started this diet. I have the most gorgeous new dress to wear ....short dress at that :eek:, high wedge shoes and even new smokey makeup to wear. I'm so exicted. I can't wait!!! I'll make sure I take a picture before I go out so I can post it on here :D

Sorry for rambling I'm just really apprehensive/excited and need to let off some steam. Thanks for listening
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That all sounds really exciting Lou! I'd be interested to know what's on those 2 strict lists - don't know why really, just curious.

Good luck with it!

Look forward to seeing those photos and I bet you get some well deserved compliments on Friday!!


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Thanks Jan.

The veg list is: broccoli, chicory, cauliflower, watercress, celler (3), courgettes, tabasco, olives, fennel, radish, asparagus, beansprouts, swetcorn (1 tbl spoon), alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, leeks, rocket, cabbage, marroe, tomato (1 per day), beetroot (2 slices), aubergine, mangetout, avocado (half per day) water chestnuts, swede/turnip/squash (1 tbl spoon), peppers, amboo shoots, lettuce, spinach, pak choi, mushrooms, carrots (1 tbl spoon), brussel sprouts, onions, green beans, capers, rhubard (1 tbls spoon)

The snacks are: 50g low fat soft cheese, 30g any other cheese, sall handful of nuts, 1 tbl spoon of natural yoghurt or cream, 1 tbl spoon of peanut butter, 3 celery sticks, 1 passion fruit, 1 small orange/satsuma/tangerine, 1 small peach, half a grapefruit, medium plum, half a small mango, cup of chopped melon (not watermelon), small cup of berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cheries), half an apple.


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Aw thanks for that Lou ... sorry it was such a lot to type out!! There's quite a lot of choice there isn't there? I can imagine you'll be able to get on with that really well! Best of luck with it x OH! ... and enjoy the wine! ;) xx


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Good luck chick! hope this still works for you :) x


Here we go again!
Hope you enjoy the new phase of the diet Lou, sounds good to be able to eat meals and snacks and still have the shakes.

Have a great night out on Friday, I bet you get loads of compliments and can't wait to see the pics.


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Hi Lou,
best of luck with the new plan, seems like a lot of choice and now that you have lost most of the weight it is probably good to start eating food every day, as you need to start it sometime. It's great to think you have a strict list to keep you on track. Here's wishing you luck on it and have a great night out on Friday, bask in the compliments.


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OMG I'm flipping starving :mad:. I'm beginning to regret switching to this new progrmme, if my weight loss isn't good this week I'll be seriously contemplating switching back to TFR.

I've stuck to this new programme 100% plus I'm still drinking all the water I was on TFR and yet my stomach is growling like mad :cry:
Would of thought it would be a good one that but with the sounds of it not so good

I guess as you start the eating it sets off the wanting more factor


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Oh dear - sorry to hear that Lou! Hope the weigh-in makes it worth it! :eek:


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Thanks, I'm felling better now I've had my tea. Maybe it's just because I'm not in ketosis anymore and feeling hungry is a bit alien to me.

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