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Purple Daisy's Exante Journey

Hello everyone!

Well i've just made the first step - ordered a bumper pack and it will be here tomorrow :D

Been reading this forum for a while now and think you guys have had some amazing successes and have given me lots of inspiration.

Ive tried so many different things to shift the weight but I find if I am thinking about what to cook, what food to buy and how many points I have - I just end up eating! Feel like I need to know exactly what to do and have a break from food. Exante seems like the perfect option for me.

I have decided that im going to do 12 weeks TS to start with and then have a break to maintain.

Im going to start on Friday and im excited about it but at the same time a little nervous about how I will feel and what other people will think.

Decided to keep this diary so I can keep a record of my journey and also to help motivate me.

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Hey Leeds. Thanks for looking at my diary! I have a training course for the next two days and don't want to be feeling awful/explaining to people on the first couple of days. Have a week free from Friday so I can get used to it first. Hope that makes sense!

Wow your loss is amazing. You are very nearly there. Have you done it all on exante? x
Ok makes sense then :) I hate explaining to ppl no one gets it! Lol! No this is first time on exante I did slimming world, weight watchers and Cambridge diet (which is v. Similar) like to mix it up a bit hehe

Good luck and I'll help motivate you on fri as all being well I will be on day 3 then :)


81lbs lost 15lbs to go!


reaching my goal
Welcome to exante and good luck on your weight loss journey . Dont worry about what other people will think , Yes some people mite frown and other will be happy for you . At the end of the day its your health .
Also you will feel horrible the 1st couple of days but that soon passes and when it does (normally around day 3 ) its plain sailing and lots of weight losses . :)
Hi Purple, I just dont tell anyone, been 4 weeks at work and no one even noticed that I have shake in morn and bar for lunch. Think have said on here before, always thought people were saying 'look at that fat bird scoff, no wonder shes fat', but people really dont take any notice at work. Only told OH and my brother so at home when I had friends over had an AAM night and then just back to it the next day.
Even resisted something someone had brought into work yesterday for their birthday ..took my piece home for OH!
Good luck!
Thanks for dropping by Rose and Dawn :). I think i'm just going to tell people on a need to know basis. Ive already told Mr Purple and he is very supportive so while im not too bothered about what other people think Id just rather not have to be explaining myself all the time!

My package should be arriving today. :DQuite excited actually. Decided im going to do my weigh in's on a Thursday night so will update my information tomorrow.


Doing it exante style :)
Good luck Purple.

Ordering exante will be the best thing you've ever done xx

I only tell those who need to know, it's easy where I work cos nobody really stops for long at lunchtime.

I agree about other diets I used to find that I obsessed about food and was constantly thinking about my next meals or how many calories I had left for the day. This diet really puts a stop to all that.

Good luck for Friday its good to start when you've a bit of time to get used to it. Don't forget to come on here for support or to fill time when you feel like cheating!! x
Hey sweetie just wanted to pop by and wish you lots of luck everyone here is very supportive here's to your first week xxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
Hi x

Just want to say a big welcome and good luck :) were all here if you need support x
So my package arrived on time yesterday and so it is ready and waiting for me! Thanks for all your tips, luck and advice. Although i'm excited about starting, im more excited about it being this time next week when I have done the hard bit!

Will be back later with my measurements.....eeek! x
Today is the day! Did my weigh in last night and I have more to lose than I thought - almost half my body weight in fact. At least I am doing something about it though. Just having a glass of water before I try my first shake. Going to have a vanilla one made into a coffee I think as its rated so highly on here!
Very good luck today purple . Your weight will melt away with the exante magic and some determination and hard work . Can't wait to read your stories . Bon voyage ! Xx
Good luck for your first day Hun vanilla coffee is gorge take it easy and drink LOTS of water xxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
Thanks for your words of support. Im doing okay so far. Had my shake and chocolate orange bar. The bar was a little strange tasting at first but I got used to it and went down well in the end.

Drinking loads of water is a real mission for me as im a diet coke addict usually. Going to have a treat at tea time of Dr Pepper Zero as this will still give me my caffeine fix!

Ive not had the urge to eat yet - lets hope this continues!

Daisy x

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