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Day one
Breakfast - Strawberry Shake
Lunch - Low Calorie vegtable soup
Tea - Chicken Kiev + Salad/Veg from my garden.
Snacks - Apple x 2, sugarfree jelly

Walk to gym (25mins) and back
Treadmill 40mins (356 cals)
Running 20mins (230cals)
Weights - 15mins

First day has gone as well as it could have. I have been starving all day! But I think I halfed my calories from yesterday so I imagine that is normal. I am definatly having my main meal at lunch tomorrow before the gym so I have more energy.

On the plus side I tried on a dress today size 16 and it zipped straight up without a struggle. I have a friend who is the same height and weight and wears a size 18-20. So although I am overweight and need to lose weight, I know I do have a lot of muscle also.
Anyway I am on the right track.

Plan for tomorrow: Buy a tape measure to take measurements.

Also: note to readers - I know it is a bad thing to weigh each day but I can't help it!!!
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Just a quick photo of me 2 months ago in LA weighing 203. Hopefully I can post another in a few months looking trimmer and slimmer!

hiya you look brilliant in the foto i wish i looked that good ahhh well one day i may well do lol good luck with the diet , make sure you have your snacks at the time you normally feel vulnerable with food then you may not feel so hungry also try having soft fruits if you can like strawberries or raspberrys that kinda thing as you can get alot for your calories
Yesterdays Menu
Breakfast - Banana shake
Lunch - Salmon/veg/salad
Tea - Chocolate shake
Snacks - Cereal bar (105 cals) and apple

Cross Trainers 45 mins (485 cals)
Walk to and from gym, 45mins
Weights 15mins
Bike 20 mins

Water = 5 glasses and 1 750ml bottle.

Gained 2 lbs since yesterday morning, so I'm at a loss after not cheating. Might be the excersise, who knows!!

Anyway Day 3 begins today. I have started the day with a delicious banana shake.......Banana is my fave :D
Yesterdays Menu
Breakfast - Banana shake
Lunch - Chocolate shake
Tea - weight watchers lasagne and veg
Snacks - Cereal bar (105 cals) and apple


Weird how my weight dropped after no gym, but all is good.

finding it easy to follow, but i'm craving the jaffa cakes that my partner has in the biscuit jar lol
ban the jaffa cakes tell the OH to stop being insensitive to your needs lol there the devils food lol
they are!!theyre like Pringles, you cant have one, you have to have them alll!!x
I'm in the 1 hundreds lol!!!

Nice weekend! I been to the football, shopping, tesco, broke my phone, got a new phone, sold old phone, went for bike ride, and watched x factor.
Plus I am no longer jobless!! I was made redundant from my council job in July. Took me 2 whole months to get another job but I have an I'm happy.

Less food distractions when I work! start wed!!

Went gym sat and sun. Today off xx
your doing fantastic,,, putting us all to shame with that amount of exercise
Lol!! I do enjoy the excersise. But I have plantar facitiis in my feet and I am supposed to rest.
Both my brothers and my sister got diagnosed type 1 diabetes when they were 1 year older than me.

I got tested and my levels were high but not dangerous, so I am trying to prevent them going up. Excersise seems to help, aswell as eating well. So I just think to myself excersise or injections. Works every time lol.

Anyway I lost 6lbs in first week. Which shocked me lots! I think maybe water weight but its a great confidence booster and It is making me continue.

im like you borderline diabetic,,, hopefully dieting will help me lose the weight so i dont need more pills as i already have mega high blood pressure

I've been trying to find a dress for my cousens engagement. Not seen most the family in at least 5years so want to look my best.

I'm 5ft 9 and UK size 16 so finding a dress should be easy as I can shop normal clothes and plus size.

I just looked stupid in every single one, I know I'm hourglass so need to try get things that go in at the waist. My boobs just look HUGE. there 36E so I know they are big, but i really don't wanna draw attention.

anyway I got home this afternoon and just cried my eyes out. I really can't go to this party looking like I do.
I sound pathetic.

Do any of you ever get like this? It feels l always hate how I looked. 3 years ago I was 3 stone lighter and 2/3 sizes smaller and still thought I was fat. Its like I'd say at least once every month for the past 10 years I've just cried at how I look. Not just my body but my face.
But on the other side of all that I'm confident, out going, never found it hard meeting guys etc.

Its just the only part of my life that makes me sad.
There are some gorgeous size 16 clothes out there, if you cant find a nice dress what about a sexy skirt and top and bloody hell girl as for the chest front if you've got it flaunt it bugger trying to hide it away coz it would be pretty impossible.
I agree with Kazzy! When i was a size 16 dresses just didn't look right on me. I was all chest, stomach and bum but a nice skirt and top always really fitted the bill. I've never been happy with my large chest but thankfully they are on their way out. When i started slimfast i was a 36J, i'm now a 30H. All i need now is some special pulleys to put them back where they should be! Your doing great so it won't be long before you getting into the sexy dresses.
awww purple, your absolutely not alone,im a horrible shape and i detest it, i have quite a small waist, NO boobs, a huge bum, massive thighs, muffin tops on my knees and thick calfs, the amount of times ive tried to get a pair of jeans that look half decent is beyond me and ive more often than not stood in a dressing room and cried - we should all really have a gok wan each!!!please dont dispare, take your time when your feeling a little bit better and battle the shops again. you can always get a dress and buy a waist belt to nip you in and show your shape and i LIVE by sucky in knickers!!!
we will all get to the size we want one day, but in the mean time your still you and all your family and friends love you for that not because of what size your dress is :D
hope you feel better soon chick xxx
I think we all feel your pain.... It's very rare that I find a dress that fits properly....... I have huge boobs, small(ish) waist, and a mahussive back side with some rather fetching thunder thighs!!!! I tend to go for a patterned floaty knee length skirt and then a plain fitted top. Like hayles said, you could always get a belt to draw you in at the waist (I've never managed to get away with it myself but it's worth a try)

And as for suction pants..... I live and die in mine..... Bum lifted..... Tummy in...... Fantastic!!!!!
Last new years eve I was a little tipsy, we were going to bed.... My boyfriend has a video of me on his phone, doing a "sexy" striptease..... I take my clothes off (swinging them round my head of cause) and there I am in huge great big, cycling short style control pants and a bra that's more scaffolding than sexy.... Always makes me chuckle when I see it!

Anyway back on point, your not alone. Try again when your in a better mood, I'm sure you'll find something.xxx
Ok so I tried the skirt top combination, belt etc.

I come up with this:

I think it looks okish, maybe a differnt necklace and some heels. But def looks better than a dress. Thanks for the fashion advice peeps.

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