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Purplebint's Diary

Tried making a diary earlier but it didn't seem to post so trying again...

Hello! I'm Dawn and have been a lurker here for ages but I'm pretty crap at posting.

I started my weightloss journey over 18 months ago when I weighed in at over 20 and a half stone.

I tried WW and Xenical and managed to lose 4 stone then put 2 straight back on again.

I started SW last June weighing in at 18 stone 7.5lbs and have lost 52lbs since then.

I've got around 3 more stones to go to get to my interim target and hoping to do that this year.

I keep a food blog that shows my dinner everyday and that I use for recipes, but I can't link to that yet as I am a noobie and need to post more first
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So today I've had

Breakfast - Porridge and blueberries made with milk for my HEXA and HEXB. I keep some of the milk for tea during the day.

Lunch - 2 x 1 syn scotch eggs and some leftover beef hotpot from yesterday's dinner.

Dinner - will be slow cooked many bean chilli and celeriac chips.

No idea what to spend my syns on today.


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Well done on your fab loss so far :) xx
Thank you :) It's been a slow process to get this far, I wish I'd have done slimming world from the beginning.

I've decided to have some syns in a pud, frozen cherries with some fat free yoghurt and 1tbsp of Askeys toffee sauce for 2.5 syns. Then a choc options later for 2 syns. That knocks me over the 5 syn limit at least :)


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Mmmmm your pud sounds yummy! :) xx
Well done so far - you menu sounds yummy x
Thank you cheeky :D

Today is a hungry day.

Breakfast - 35g porridge made with water, blueberries and some sugarfree hazelnut syrup.

Snack - 3 x scan bran, thickly spread with marmite and 25g of low fat cheese. 6.5 syns

Lunch - leftover chilli with a sprinkle of cheese from the 25g I measured for my snack.

Dinner - slow cooked butchers faggots (1.5 syns each) in a red onion gravy, with leek and jerusalem artichoke gratin. - 3 syns

Exercise will be walking the school run, approx 4km all in with a pram full of toddler.
That dinner looks lovely. Fancy popping some round to mine?!
I'd never tried them till they turned up in my Riverford box, love them now. Same with asparagus, I ate it for the first time last year and it kicked off a full force obsession :)
I chucked a syn free bolognaise in the slow cooker last night, and will turn that into a veggie packed moussaka for my dinner later today. The rest of the family hate aubergine so that will all be for me and they can have spaghetti bolognaise :)

Breakfast was 30g porridge made with water, blueberries, fat free yoghurt and some sugar free hazelnut syrup.

Lunch will be left over faggots and artichoke gratin. They have been renamed fartichokes in my house which is why I'm eating the leftovers and hubby has to eat something else ;)

Dinner will be moussaka, a big greek salad with some feta cheese and 1syns worth of black olives. I might do some celeriac chips too. I like a bigger meal on a friday night as that's when we used to have takeaway night and I still like to feel I'm treating myself.

Syns will be something chocolatey today :D
I had a mini lie-in this morning so went for a large brunch instead of breakfast

Brunch - 2 x butchers sausages (1.5syns for the pair), bacon, egg, beans, 2 x grilled toms and some HP sauce (1syn)

Dinner will be leftover moussaka and salad.

Supper will be 5 x scan bran, lots of marmite and 50g of low fat cheddar for my healthy extras and if I still need to use up some syns then I'll have a bag of quavers too :D
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Another late start today so made a lovely brunch

'Magic pancakes' savoury style with some sausage patties and dry fried egg. Only 2 syns for the plate and I am stuffed. Fixed my McD's craving :)

Dinner is pork, caulipots and curly kale.

Syns will be a couple of choc options later as we're having a snuggly sofa day :)

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