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Pushy & Proud - Junkfood Mums

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Has anyone watched this tonight..... There is a single mum with twin teenage girls off to summer camp to lose weight and says she has tried everything to help them lose yet the girl have junkfood hideaways ..... Bit when you look at what the mother is giving to girls :eek: White bread, fried bacon with fat and oil, etc........ummmmm :sigh:

Then there is a lady who is doing Slimming world, she is a 30 stone lady who has lost about 3 stone already, she is losing weight for her wedding. She has a step daughter who is 17 or 19yo and is a size 20......... "cakey katie" she is happy with her size....... Her step mum said if she woke up and was a size 12 she wouldn't be happy........ Its nice that they are happy with there body size i suppose.... Also they are on This Morning as the uk largest bride (free wedding dress for going on tv) The dress looks lovely :)

I would be interested to hear your comments on this program :)
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I watched it the other night, I was gobsmacked the Mother of twins was moaning the government hadn't provided her Daughters with a personal trainer???? I thought the guy at camp had her spot on,she had a negative effect on them and wanted someone else to solve the problem. I sympathise it's hard being a single Mum,first thing I would have done was thrown the girls mobile phones down the loo! The time they spent on them could have been put to better use. I liked the camp,thought it was a fantastic place for kids to find mutual encouragement and friends,I would love to work somewhere like that. Not sure about the singing though lol.

The other lady getting married,I'll not comment it's up to her what she does,I didn't really like the fact she seemed to feed/encourage Katie to be her big buddy,but even she saw the light.

And was that the same programme as the young Mum who fed the kids McDonalds every meal or take away? Felt sorry for the Dad and kids,but the Dad left in the end. Poor kids,their cholesterol will be through the roof in adulthood x
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What channel was this on? Might watch it on demand if I can. Thanks x
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Her step mum said if she woke up and was a size 12 she wouldn't be happy........
I struggle to believe that she really really mean it.
Haven't seen it, but I always find it sad when you spend your childhood and teen years worrying about your weight.. it's hard as is without having to think about the weight! Will look out for this doc.
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Sky living was the channel......

also it was a woman @ 37 Stone not 30.....oops

Katie spoke to her and said she was worried that the step mother wouldnt be around for her wedding when that happened. At the end they told us that the Step mother had dieted and stayed at 37 stone and Katie had gone down to a size 18 :)

BunnyLush - I forgot about the mum and the kids......... Just because she didn't like prop food doesn't mean you should make your kids end junk food all day, but she did say she made a roast!! Also being on benefits, how can she afford Mac d's all the time?? grrr

Im now wondering if there is another program on soon.........

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