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Put off fruit after eating....


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I bit into a cherry in Spain a few years ago and a little White worm was inside wriggling away. Never eaten a cherry since. ;)


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Don't be put off your peaches! Just remember to cut them up next time!

I always cut mine into quarters before I eat them - helps stop the juice dripping down my chin, haha, and is a good way of checking that no wiggly things have eaten my peach before me! :D
Is anyone here old enough to remember Gert and Daisy - they were comediennes on the radio a century or so ago! I don't know why, but one of their jokes stuck in my mind and I can still remember it -

"There's nothing worse than biting into an apple and seeing a worm in it"

"Oh yes there is - biting into an apple and seeing half a worm in it!"

Seriously - why throw out all your fruit and waste it? All you have to do is slice it up to make sure there is nothing in it. I always do this with fruit - especially apples as I get them from someone's garden and they aren't sprayed, so they often have "passengers", so to speak.
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Bleurgh!! I bit into a choc bar once and found a maggot...not put me off cadburys though! Hehe
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I bit into a Cadbury's Whole Nut once and found a large piece of green plastic. The £20 I received from Cadbury eased any concerns I had about the cleanliness of the plastic (although I do break chocolate into single chunks before eating now)


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I opened a tin of tomatoes years ago now and found a maggot inside. Yuk


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A couple of yrs back, my sister bought a carton of tomato juice. On pouring she found a big human toe nail clipping. It was gross. Put me off buying cartons you can't see through x

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When I was a child my mum made chicken kievs and there was a woodlice inside mine. I can honestly say I have not eaten a chicken Kiev in 18 years as it put me off :)
Look on the bright side - if your resident bugs had spent most of their lives inside the fruit, they were nearly all fruit themselves anyway! Doesn't the saying go 'we are what we eat'? :)


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Well, it depends.

Were you on an original (red) day yesterday? If so, the insects would be free (perhaps superfree) so you can look forward to an extra weightloss boost this week ;)
well if this thread dont put you off eating i dont know what will lol


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Oh dear. *gross*.

While we are all grossing each other out....... I had a free range egg chick incident once. I didn't eat eggs for 3 years and even now I'm very particular about my eggs before they are cooked and I can only stomach eggs that I have cooked my way.


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Mmmmm...thanks for sharing!

Agghh I remember buying some grapes from the corner shop, ate half of them and then this MASSIVE *THING* just just swaggered on out... :eek: It was a few inches long, I cant believe I never saw it before I ate them. It scared the *** out of me, I locked it in a box and even called the Health & Safety people as it was sooo huge and I didnt know what it was. They didnt seem to care less. :D Never bought fruit from my corner shop since :jelous:

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