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Put on 3lbs in 3 days!!!


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I weigh myself as often as I can to keep a check on my weight loss. I`ve been losing a pound a week which I`m pleased with and when I last weighed myself on Saturday I was 11st 11lb. I weighed this morning and I`m 12st!!!
I don`t get it, I haven`t done anything different. Now I`m trying to make sure I lose another pound this week so I need to lose 4 pounds!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Has this happened to anyone else and you`ve still managed to lose?


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GET OFF THE SCALES :whoopass: To genuinely gain 3lbs youd need to have eating an EXTRA 15000 cals - not something you can do without noticing ;)

This is exactly why you shouldnt be a scale hopper. Put them away and weigh yourself on Saturday. The '3lb gain' could be a multitude of things, none of which are a real gain. My weight can fluctuate by 3 or 4lbs depending on things.

Weighing yourself once a week is the only way to get a proper indication of how your diet is going.


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i agree with starlight. I am guilty of going on the scales every other day so i understand the temptation. If i were you i'd leave it a couple of days and check again. Make sure you weigh at same time every day as your food/water intake will affect weight.


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Thanks for the replies, I know what you`re saying. It`s really difficult to not check! The scales aren`t even in the bathroom where I can see them! I have to get them out of a cupboard first!

Tanya xx


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Have to agree with what everyone else said. Try and stick to weighing once a week if you can't handle the fluctuations on the scales.

I had to get the OH to hide my scales as i was getting paranoid.

I did ask him for them on Monday as i came back from my hols.
I weighed 13st 6lb yesterday morning and i was well excited so i thought i would hop on again last night and what a disappointment as it read 13st 11lb:eek:. I had only had 2 CD shakes between weigh ins. I did have a couple of litres of water though.

The scales are hidden again and i will only get weighed by my CDC.

This is a brilliant post about the scales, well worth a read.


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Last night I weighed 6lbs more than I did yesterday morning. I'm used to that though, I know what foods/drinks/totm affects my weight so it doesn't bother me. And I was back to 'normal' this morning.
Give your scales away to someone who'll bring them around once a week.