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Put on weight: why???

Anyone know why I might have put on 5lbs this week??? Here is my tracker:

Allowance: 30 points

Thursday: 29 points plus 4 activity points (5km run)
Friday: 25 points
Saturday: 32 points plus 9 activity points (10km run)
Sunday: 41 points
Monday: 28.5 points plus 9 activity points (10km run)
Tuesday: 30 points

So I went over my points at the weekend, but I had plenty of carry over left and 22 activity points. Have those two days really done that much damage? I guess they have!
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Why "might"? are you checking before the dreaded weigh in?
Yeah, my OH had the Wii Fit out so I hopped on (as you do). The Wii Fit weight is what I enter into my signature graph, always have done since I started dieting last year, for consistency.

Wish I hadn't looked now lol, but at least I can shove myself to have a good day today, and I'll be doing at least another 5km this morning so hopefully it won't show up as bad tomorrow...


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Naughty Wii!

You're a seasoned pro at this weightloss game now so you know it could be a number of things and to not trust any scales till weigh day! Just treat it as a bad week and be better next week :)
Well, I've used the Wii to weigh for nearly a year now; I always weighed 2lbs lighter on the Wii than on my CDC's expensive scales while I was on CD, but they always showed the same loss in pounds so I've always trusted them. I make sure they go on the same part of the floor etc.

But you are all right of course, I shouldn't get too beat up about the 5lbs today; it could change by tomorrow and I agree Starlight, that would have been like having three parmos this week on top of everything else (which as a smoggie is always tempting lol)
Aye but after a years use, they may be knackered!!!

But yep theres no way in the wrold you have truly gained 5lbs, these blips are annoying but totally normal. Good on ya for not letting it get to you.


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My wii gives me different results even when its placed on the same spot on the floor ( i have markers down lol ) so i use the boots scales round the corner.. the wii is always 1lb less then the boots ones anyway so ive packed up using it to weigh myself.


chunky chick :-)
no i agree, there is no way, even with a blow out that youd have gained 5lbs!

personal question here, are you constipated at all? sometimes after i *ahem* go the sacales are different the next day. retaining water? maybe?
That will be it!!! TMI maybe, but that happens me sometimes...... Are you drinking enough water, with all that running? Dehydration constipates you........


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Agree with all the above. Also, running and working out really uses your muscles, which in turn retain more water.
Agree with all the above. Also, running and working out really uses your muscles, which in turn retain more water.
Well, WI says I put on 4lbs this week... Things are still on the slow side lol so I'm putting it down to that I think. Just moving on and focussing on next week now...

I'll have to up my water a bit, I reckon I've let that side of things slide a bit after drinking soooo much on CD lol I'll have to dig the Brita out.

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