Put weight on ???????????????????????/

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Is it possible to put weight on during lipotrim am on week 3 and finding it really no problem. i have started exercising using the wii fit and cross trainer and a power plate. All on different days so i don't get bored. But i weighed myself this morning and seem to have put on my wi is on Monday and i would be devasted if i had put on or even stayed the same.

Has anyone ever put weight on? and does anyone exercise??

I haven't cheated and have been drinking loads of water.

so confused!!!
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That's why they say don't weigh yourself in between WI's because it can go up and down. I can't help myself either and I'm always jumping on the scales even though I shouldn't. I am sure you will have lost when the big day arrives. Good luck.


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Since you've stuck to the rules, you can't possibly have put proper weight on. Are the scales you sneaky peaked on the one's you normally use? Plus other factors like the time of day [generally people weigh more in the evenings] or if you hadn't been to the loo [sorry!] in a bit, that can make a difference too. Like the person above said, you'll be grand at weigh in! Pay no attention to those pesky scales... they tell lies sometimes. Evil things. Keep going!:D


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maybe ur gaining the muscle due to ur excercising.. this weighs more than fat but u'll notice the inch loss.. perhaps take some measurements.. these should alter, even when the pounds dont xx

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you won't have gained hun, don't worry, I only had a gain cos I ate, I gained that lb but got it off this week +10 more, you will be fine, I look forward to your results x