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Puzzled Over Poppadoms !!

I've just made some 'poppadums' ( thanks for the recipe Mrs W !) with my Thai Chilli soup packet. Tried them last week too using the chicken soup packet but these were far tastier.

I'm just puzzled as to why the folks at LL tell us that they don't encourage us to 'cook' with the food packets because it will destroy all the nutrients because surely that's what we do when we microwave the soups ? What's the difference ? I added less water to the mix ( but made up for that by drinking more to accompany them. I microwaved them for roughly the same amount of time on exactly the same setting so I'm well and truly puzzled.

When I first read about these recipes , I thought why bother ? but after 3 weeks on slops I now realise that I'm desperate to bite on something. One bar a day doesn't satisfy that need.

Can anyone shed any light ?
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That's a very good point!

I know the shake packs are not meant to be microwaved at all, so that might be what they are referring to?

The only thing I can think of is that when you make the soup, you fully dissolve the pack contents in the water, then heat up the water. When you 'make' something out of the packs, you use a lot less water and so the powder isn't dissolved into the water per se?


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The advice I was given is that you should only "cook" one of the food packs a day because it alters the vitamins and minerals rather than destroys them. Just the same with making the shake and leaving them to sit for a while, the vitamins and minerals start to depleat.

I would try not to consider the foodpacks as slop. Try and see them as a means to an end and work on changing the way of thinking that you are desperate to bite on something - abstinence is for such a short amount of time - embrace it and think positively about it.

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I fully agree Kat - calling them "slop" will not do you (or anyone else really) any favours, psychologically. COme on, they are not slop. They are about the same as a Fridge Milkshake, and people gulp them down quite happily. ;)

I never heard of cooking the soups in the microwave either - I thought most people boiled water in the kettle and wizzed them up - nuking them is not a good idea as it will affect the nutrients.

WIshing you luck.
Wise words Kat and BL and I apologise for referring to them as slops - you're absolutely right , I have to get my head around them as nutrition packs and not something to be tolerated . I suppose I've just had a couple of rally bad days and could feel my resolve ebbing away . My fear was that I would go off all of them and not be able to continue. Some days I think "This is fine" and others I find myself thinking "Can I really do this ".
It's good to point out that this initail phase is such a relatively short period of time too. When I first started 3 weeks ago I viewed this 13 week period as something to get through before I could start eating food again but I'm now coming round and having to face the fact that this is a life changing event and will last a lifetime ... in a good way !
It was actually our LL counsellor who told us to microwave them - must ask her about that !
That may explain why I've been feeling so light headed and out of sorts - don't think I'm getting my full 100% minerals and vitamins :(


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I just make them up with boiled kettle water like any other cuppa soup. Some I will make into a paste then add a little more water a bit at a time to make sure they get well mixed and aren't lumpy.

As for boredom of the packs - your taste buds will change as the weeks go by and the packs you think you like now, you will go off and visa versa - it is surprising how something you think is horrid now will become your favourite. Based on that remember to try some variety!

It is a life change :)

Kat xx


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The only soup I have been officially told to microwave is the tomato. I got a little leaflet with it telling you to do so.

Plus my LLC has got the lists of receipes and hands them out to clients although she does mention that they are in no way related to LL or their recommendations.

So as long as you don't nuke them for too long I think you will be ok.
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Um, how much water should we be adding to the soup to make a poppadom, out of interest? I will be trying my first tonight. Knowing me I'll probably accidentally leave the knife in the microwave and go BOOM!


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Just make it into a thick paste then add a touch more. I usually spoon it between 4 pieces of greaseproof paper and smear it round with the back of a spoon into about a side plate size, put it in the microwave but do not leave it, wait until it starts to turn them watch it, it will catch and burn easily if you do not keep an eye on it. I have these down to a T now!


Kat xx

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