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Pymsters Journey

Hi guys

When starting out on Lighterlife i was reading all of your posts and diaries and must say i was very inspired and learned lots, so now on day 5 of this regime i thought i would start my own diary, so to put down in words my thoughts and feelings as i go on this journey.

I am 37, 5ft7, starting weight was 203lbs, 14 stone 7, (sounds like a dating ad - not the weight bit obviously!! ) i want to get down to 154lbs, 11 stone. Not sure how i got here, it was a slow gradual gain over the past 12 years, i was a slim size 10 before that!!!! I have tried every diet going well most anyway – WW, SW, Dukan, Cabbage diet – the most successful was WW and I lost 2.5 stones on that but now have put back on a stone of that !!! I have discovered that I am greedy and an emotional eater – I eat if I am sad or bored – never when I am happy – so the way in the future is to tackle this and be happy!! Easy really isn’t it !!!!
Anyhow moving forward and not dwelling on what was, i am now so motivated and dedicated that this is my time my year - i dont want to be the ‘large one’ or the ‘you hide it so well one’ anymore i want to start enjoying life rather than just existing, dont get me wrong i cant say that i haven’t done whatever i wanted in the past ie going out, parties, holidays, etc but i always felt 'fat', so now i want to be able to wear that evening dress in a size 10 and not have to wear uncomfortable spanx/hold me ins and have to try and hold my stomach in and wear that bikini and feel sexy in it rather than a wobbly mess!!

So I started LL on Saturday – not going to say it was has been easy but not as hard as I thought it would be – head has been a tad fuzzy at times but I have persevered and the LLC says I am in ketosis now ! I think I had sussed that myself as my breath is gross and the hunger has subsided, I cant say I don’t feel ravenous when its nearing time for a meal, ok a shake! But the initial constant hunger has gone ish! The weekend was easier than work I think – as no real temptation at home, I don’t need to cook for anyone (hats off to you guys that have families to cook for – I don’t think I could cope with that just now!) Monday was hard going but my official LL class is on a Tuesday so yesterday I was excited and the anticipation of loss was killing me….. I got on the scales and yippee I have lost 4lbs. :8855:

I am still trying to figure out what packs I like, the shakes are nice, I start the bars soon so will see how they go, the soups really aren’t for me, I am going to try the Shepherds Pie tonight. A real find for me was the Porridge – I don’t like porridge as a norm but cant really say that as I have never tried it but to my astonishment I really enjoyed it yesterday morning so picked up loads last night!!!
I also need to think about exercise – I have every exercise dvd and Wii game around but am so lazy I never do them – so it might be better if I try a class and try and drag someone along with me so I have to go !! :p
Right then sorry to waffle on guys, I am off to have my shake and get on with some work.

Hope you all are well and have a lovely day – keep smiling and thinking positive thoughts :)
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hey guys thank you for your comments
that sexy 5f7 beauty is just hiding isnt she One the verge!!! :8855:
thank you Snoop - i know everyone has different tastes and i made the mistake of listening to people in my group last week when choosing packs, but i was glad this lovely lady Clare recommended the porridge and told me step by step on how to make it, she suggested more water as she doesnt like lumpy thick sludge type porridge and then adding a splash of cold when its made and i promise it worked and i love it !! never liked porridge in my life before! - it sounds sad but i actually look forward to having it in the morning - its just different from the shakes and bars etc and actually tastes quite normal.

hope you are all well and keeping skinny thoughts as those thoughts will very soon materialise
we can do this and we are all here to support one another :bighug:x
So Day 5 yesterday, was another plain sailing day – ketosis has kicked in – have a really horrid metallicy taste in my mouth constantly but hey , a small price to pay. Drinking about 4 litres minimum a day – water has never been a major problem so hopefully keep that up. The hunger between breakfast and lunch is a little hard as its almost a starving feeling immediately rather than slow hungry to hunger!!! LLC said the other day that this could be emotional
:rolleyes:, I did explain it is actually physical as my stomach feels so hollow and my head a tad light headed and it can take up to 30 mins after I have eaten for this to subside, lets see what the coming days will bring.

Really getting used to not having to think about food choices at the moment and hopefully that will give me more time to sort my head out and my relationship with food
Discovered the porridge a couple of days ago and it is really a god send for me. I still don’t think I have the timings of eating my packs quite figured out as yet – breakfast is around 10 ish lunch at 1.30/2 and then dinner at 6-7 and then the last pack around 9 – it works for me at the moment but I am trying to make a routine and when I am back in the real world of food I want to eat little but often – not too often obviously but smaller meals/portions and at more timely intervals – in the past I have skipped meals then been so so hungry and eaten to much when I do eat!!! So this way if I can train myself to eat four smaller meals or even 3 meals with a small snack then it should work, this is a lifetime change not just for Christmas !

Hoping everyone is keeping positive and smiling :D
Best of luck with the plan! I notice you're the same height as me :). Lighter life is brilliant as long as you get yourself into a routine and the right frame of mind: sounds like you're well on the way with both!!

(btw am I actually 'big boned'?! I thought that was just an excuse I used to use for being overweight!! ;) At 10 and a half stone I'm a size 12. I have a couple of size tens - a-line shift dresses, nothing tailored - and no way could I fit into size 10 in every shop!!)
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Hi Pymster

just been reading your diary.
I can totally agree with you on the porridge it is def my fav i think maybe because it seems the most like real food. Also when that person at work asks what ive got porridge sounds better than oh some chocolate sludge (I have my choc pack hot) I am not a fan of the soups and at the min surviving on choc pack and porridge. Although i did get 2 strawberry and 2 banna packs but i have tried one of each and im afriad the strawberry one just tastes 2 powdery for me...the bannanna I could have on occassions....but Im def gonna be like you and at my class on tuesday stock up on porridge!!!
Sounds like your in a good frame of mind and coping well....let hope it continues fr you!
Wishing you lots of luck!
Tia xxxx
Hey on the verge I'm good thanks, Internet messed up so on the phone!!! Diet is going very well, day 10 today and all going very well, the only think is I have food on my
Mind 24/7 , nor actually tempted to eat it but just dreaming about it!!!

How are u and how is it doing? X
Hi Tia
Thank u for the post.
At the moment boredom hasn't set in so porridge and shakes and the peanut bar for me, I had the Thai chilli soup today, not bad If I am honest but it has mushrooms in it and I am allergic!!! Great!!! I put loads of ice in to the blender and it makes a slushy ice cream consistency, very yummy
How are you finding it? I keep dreaming of being thin and looking nice in new clothes, mind set is still focused I can do this, we can do this xx
Yeh I keep dreaming of food. I keep watching hubby everytime he eats salivating...... I'm feeling bit hungry tonight...... Still got 1 pack to go. I also didn't realise how much food is advertised........ Grrrrh
I also keep looking at nice clothes but I have a long long journey ahead of me yet!
Tia Hun don't worry about the length of the journey, times flies by and u with be svelte before u know it!!! Be positive and imagine yourself thunder and b4 u know it it will materialise x
Hi pymster!!!

Just found your diary!!! Hope ur having a good day!!
Still can't fathom how you can enjoy the porridge, it tastes like sweetened cardboard!!! Hahaha!!
How do you make it up?!

hiya pymster i sympathise with the thinking about food 24/7 at the start i was getting worrired about myself i thought of it every minute of the day but now i can say that it does get better with time :) xx
Hey mrs b I promise u it's nice, this the way I make it....
Add 115ml of hot boiling water to the powder, mix mix mix, I hate lumps of any kind, it takes me about 2-3 mins to mix. I then add a little more hot water if it seems a tad thick, then microwave for 1 minute, stirring half way. When it's ready I add a splash of cold water, it makes it creamy!!! I really like it ;) the amount if water depends if u like it thick or runny! I Like it a bit runny
Let me know how u get on
Hi Karen, I hope it passes, I'm dreaming of l**b and I dint even like it
I *might* get a pack next week then!! If i don't like it - i'm blaming you!! (Hahahaha!! I'm joking of course!! I'll have to add something to it!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I will eat my hat if u don't like it!!! Add sweeteners if u like sweet porridge, I don't!
Good luck x
Hey mrs b I promise u it's nice, this the way I make it....
Add 115ml of hot boiling water to the powder, mix mix mix, I hate lumps of any kind, it takes me about 2-3 mins to mix. I then add a little more hot water if it seems a tad thick, then microwave for 1 minute, stirring half way. When it's ready I add a splash of cold water, it makes it creamy!!! I really like it ;) the amount if water depends if u like it thick or runny! I Like it a bit runny
Let me know how u get on
Its funny how everyone makes it different I literally just empty packet in bowl add about 100ml of water (i like it thick) and then stir a bit I like the lumps in it it tastes like real porridge.
Def my fav think im gonna get all porridge this week at meeting!:)

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