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Quark - how to use?

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Hi all

Still very new to this, but am loving all the great recipes and ideas on here.

I've seen quite a few recipes with quark in them. Up until now i'd never heard of it.

I have now bought some but have no idea what i should do with it or how it tastes...

Has anyone got any good recipe suggestions for trials

I think i've also put this post on my blog somewhere. Need to work out how to remove lol
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The nicest thing I do with it is carbonara

1 pot quark
3 egg yolks pepper to season
Spaghetti or pasta
Ham or bacon
Chilli flakes
Red Onion
Or any veg you want

Put pasta on to boil,
Cook bacon/ ham with garlic and chilli flakes and all the veg,
Mix quark with egg yolks and pepper
Once pasta cooked mix it all together with quark & egg mixture and enjoy
This is my hubbys fav meal at the moment


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i used to use it to make crustless quiche!! mix with egg, veggies quorn whatever really and bung it in the oven :) yum


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i have used quark as a topping to fruit just add some sweetner.
it is used in the half syn roularde, the recipe is on this web site.
you can make the slimming world flan with it.
hope this is any use to you.

my fav is putting your cheese allowance in it and leaving in the fride over night, the quark takes on the full flavour of the cheese and is greaaat for cheesaholics like me!!
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I use it on jacket potato with a table spoon of spicy chutney and serve with cold meat and a big salad.

On crispbreads with salad or marmite.

On fruit salad with vanilla essence and sweetner added.

On stewed fruit with sweetner.

On top of porrage with sweetner and fruit.

Spread on toasted nimble with marmite.

We go through 6 tubs a week :D
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I have just made some mini quiches with bacon and mushrooms. Mix eggs and quark together , frylight mushrooms and bacon pieces, place these in a ramakin then pour over the egg/quark mixture. Just taken them out and they look well lush


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I just mixed up a tub with a white options hot choc and some sweetener and it really is lovely! I was a bit hesitant as it sounds weird but it's sooo nice and going on top of my strawberries for supper in a mo!

How do you reckon you'd make it savory and take the tanginess out of it? I'd like it with chives or something but not sure on the flavour.

Am a Quark convert now :D
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lemon mouse

i made a great lemon mouse the other day with quark

4 egg whites blended to soft peeks
1 tub of quark
2 tbs sweetener
2/3 sachet of sugar free lemon/lime jelly mixed with 2 tbs boiled water to dessolve
juice of one lemon plus a little rind fold all together put into pots and leave for 4 hrs soooooo goooooood :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Thanks for the ideas folks. I finally tried it in carbonara last night.

I was actually quite impressed.

Will have to try a few more now, although sainsburys don't seem to sell it my way!
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Ali bongo Asda and Tesco both sell it, although I do find with our Asda its a bit hit and miss, seems to run out quickly. Hope this helps


G: 8st3lb
Quick Set Mousse (1.5 syns for the whole lot)

1 sachet sugar free jelly (any flavour) 1.5 syns
1 tub quark
1/2 tub fat free fromage frais

Put quark and from frais in a large bowl and whisk together until light and fluffy.

Make up jelly in a jug with 70ml boiling water . Mix well

Whilst whisking quark/from frais mix pour in jelly. Whisk well

Pour into serving bowls and put in fridge for about 30 mins for a soft mousse. Leave longer for a firmer dessert.



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I do a very similar one with just fromage frais and jelly. I leave a big bowl in the fridge and just take some out when I feel the munchies coming on. It really is lovely. Love my S W puds


G: 8st3lb
Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta (0 syns 1 HEXB and 1 HEXA) serves 4

400g dried pasta or more
4 hard boiled eggs, chopped
85g per person smoked salmon , cut into strips
28g per person Parmesan cheese, grated
1 pot quark
2 'dollops' of v low fat from frais or 0% fat Greek yog
1 tblsp dried dill weed
1 tblsp chives
Black pepper to taste

Cook pasta per instructions
Put quark, from frais, hard boiled eggs and herbs in a large pan and warm through gently.

Drain pasta and add to pan. Stir well

Add salmon and Parmesan and pepper.

Serve immediately


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oooo, I might have to try that pasta dish tomorrow nite Kwise1. That sounds yummy!!


G: 8st3lb
I havent made it for a while as I tend to make my other salmon dish which I posted . Which uses philli carrots, leeks smoked salmon.
Let me know if you cannot find the recipe and would like it



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S: 11st10lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 25 Loss: 1st0lb(8.54%)
yeah i tried it on a jacket potato and i was a bit disappointed as it was so bland. i think i was hoping it would taste like what i usually like on jackets...sour cream!

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