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Quark - how to use?

I cant stand the sweetener added to it to make a mock cream. I dont know if its my taste buds but no matter how much sweetener I put in I can still taste the sourness of the quark! But I do like it in savoury dishes. I use it to make a cheese type sauce for lasagne.
I make scrambled egg with quark, makes it really tasty! Or it goes well in mashed potato too. Also if you mix it with mayo and curry powder makes a really nice potato/pasta/sauce type thing. My favourite thought it cheese spread (just mix about 25g cheese with 1 heaped tsp quark) and it makes a lovely cheese spread to put on ryvitas or something?
Would quark make a cheesecake (my husband's favourite that I'm refusing to make at the moment!!).

There are many cheesecake recipes with Quark. Many people swear by this
Melt down 2 alpen light bars or 2 hifi light bars (HEX B) and mush down to make a base, then mix quark with a sachet of options hot choc (most flavours 2 syns so your choice!)and some sweetener and put that on top :)
Amazing, thank you! I'm sure that'll satisfy my cheesecake-addict hubby!

Is Quark anything like half fat creme fraiche? I'm hesitant to use it in case it does! I love carbonara so will give it a try, also fancy something Key Lime-esque.
Hi there, just thought I'd give you a great SW carbonara recipe! Boil your spaghetti/pasta whatever and then drain it but don't rinse it. Mix 1 egg and 15g parmesan per person and literally just pour that mixture on your drained pasta to make a delicious sauce!!
Our asda have also stopped stocking it, so the last time I went to Morrisons I bought 4 tubs lol
Our Asda are still selling it, but its very hit and miss whether its in! But thats like a lot of stuff in our Asda at the minute, like fat free fromage frais. They havent had that in stock for ages :(

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