Quark in mash potato


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I often use quark in mash potato, and I like it.


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I often stir in greek yogurt into my mash and it always tastes great. Quark is quite similar to yogurt so you should be okay.


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I usually use a raw egg or 2, depending on how much mash i have to make. Not as gross as it might sound. Makes the mash nice and creamy!!
My mum used to always put an egg in her mash when i was a kid, usually with a bit of milk too, i find it is just as good with just the egg.


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I have never thought of quark or an egg!! Will five it a try me thinks!!


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I use VLF plain natural yoghurt if I have no quark, and it works well.


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I often use a raw egg in mash ~ I also use it in mashed swede along with loads of black pepper . . .yummy :)
I sometimes use some the frylight butter one in mash too!


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according to my consultant. If you great a HEA of cheese into your quark and leave overnight. the quark takes on the flavour of the cheese, so when you stir into your mash or whatever then you feel like youve got more cheese as the flavour is more intense. Ive not tried htis yet though.

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Quark plus a HEA of strong tasting cheese - blue if you like that, I don't - plus some coarse ground black pepper makes a lovely spread, and I can confirm that it tastes even better if it's left in the fridge overnight!

Even makes Scan Bran taste delicious - well, maybe bearable!!!


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I used quark and pepper and nobody noticed! Not heard of the raw egg one before though! Might try some spring onions in it next time!


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Just tried quark in my carrot and swede topping for a tomatoe based cottage pie, lovely!


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it probably depends on personal taste, I used a few spoonfuls in my carrot and swede x